Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Carb Wars

I'm going to start today off by saying that I did my DVD workout this morning and I plan on doing my usual run this evening. I'm a little sore from shoveling rock in my kiddos swing set area and from the batting cages yesterday, but it makes me feel like I did something good!

I wanted to post about something a little different today, so I decided to post of Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs. By no means am I an expert on this, but both the Body For Life and Making the Cut plans are adamant on eating Good carbs versus eating the empty bad carbs. They recommend whole wheat, whole grain items, veggies, and some fruits. Nothing that you eat should say "Enriched" on it or it's a processed carb turned bad! These are what they classify as a "Bad" carb. Which is most cookies, breads, chips, desserts, pastas, etc. I recommend looking at the labels on products just to see how much stuff is enriched - it will blow you away!

Here are a few of my favorite items to eat that are all "Good" carbs: Whole wheat bread (I use Healthy Life), La Tortilla Factory tortillas (LOVE them), Whole wheat pita bread, Whole wheat english muffins, Whole grain wasa crackers, Kashi Go Lean Cereal, Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal, Spaghetti Squash, broccoli, apples, bananas, Barilla Whole Wheat Pasta (there are all types of pasta and it's actually a good source of protein and fiber as well).

These are the main carbs in my diet right now. Now, on the other hand I don't want to mislead you all in to thinking that my diet is "perfect". I think I do a decent job of keeping things in check, but there are days that I can't keep my fingers off of stuff. For example, frozen chocolate chips (that my husband doesn't use for those unbelievable cookies he makes), bites of my kiddos desserts (half of an Oreo - the half without the icing, my son calls it "Mommy's cookie"), my coffee - not the coffee itself but the flavored creamer that I put in it! This list of things is all "Bad" carbs that I need to get out of my diet. I would rather give up the chocolate chips before my coffee. Heaven forbid someone try to take my coffee away from me... I just might bite their hand off. And that would be a "Bad" carb, which doesn't really go into my diet!! HA!

If there are any questions on the items that I listed on where to get them, or any questions on good carbs Vs bad carbs fill free to ask and I can answer them as best as I can.

*Snack of the Day: 2 Huge chocolate chip cookies... NO, NO, NO
I mean... 20 unsalted Almonds or cashew.


Hope said...

Oh, you are tooo funny about the coffee! I love coffee too, but only with the flavored creamer as well. I finally got to where I can drink hot tea with Splenda in it instead. (I try not to do artificial sweeteners, but I can't do the tea without the sugar just yet!)

We actually prefer most of the whole grain varieties over the white ones. (i.e. english muffins, pasta, bread). However, I have yet to find a good whole wheat tortilla in our new town. I've always wanted to try the LaTortilla Factory ones, but can't find them anywhere! Our old WalMart used to have an off brand WW tortilla that was good, but the new one doesn't carry it! Sigh.

Now, if I could just cut out the cookies, ice cream, and brownies. Oh, and the soda. I think I might just be a Cherry Coke addict. I'm going to start limiting myself to one a week on my FREE DAY!

By the way, I remember seeing a clip from Bob Harper one season of Biggest Loser where he said he has two chocolate chip cookies almost every night! It's the whole eat healthy 80% of the time rule in practice! I knew I liked Bob! :)

Sara said...

this is HUGE!! for some time now, we've moved to whole weat, whole grain everything! i pay close attention to the labels to stay away from enriched stuff!! sometimes i feel that i still eat too many carbs, though! is there such a thing as overloading on "good carbs?" i LOVE carbs, so it's easy for me to do--too much of a good thing can be bad sometimes..:) thanks for all the info!! it's nice to be reminded of stuff that you know, but seem to discard or forget sometimes...:)

Emily said...

I was LAUGHING out loud over the coffee thing because I could NEVER give up coffee. Usually about a tsp of actual creamer goes in. I weaned myself waaaa-ay down from the quarter cup of creamer per coffee I was having.