Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday - Gettin' Dirty

Well I started out today with a 40 minute book workout from Making The Cut (Day 22). Shortly after that I got the kiddos ready to go over to their Grandparents house for the day so I could do some work outside. (Thank you Nanny and Papa).

We have bought our kids a wooden swingset, but the only problem is that the yard is not level. So I'm about to tell about our NEVER-ENDING project. We have been leveling an area of the yard for the last four weeks now. My husband and some wonderful friends put up a wooden retaining wall, and once it was done I was anxious to fill the area around the inside with the fill dirt. Knowing that my husband wasn't going to take a day off work for this and that he tends to procrastinate a bit (Sorry baby - you know I love you!) I figured I would do it myself. We only needed some around the back walls, so I didn't think it was going to take a whole lot (boy was I wrong). The friends that have been so kind in helping us were going out of town, but they still allowed us to use there very handy truck (thank you my dear friends). We picked it up on Thursday night and once the kiddos were gone this morning I hopped in it and took off for some dirt.

I not only unloaded 1 yard of dirt, but 2 1/2 yards of dirt all by myself. If you don't know what a yard is, it's a full truck bed full of dirt. I loaded it into the wheelbarrel and rolled it through our fence door and into the play area. One yard took anywhere from 10-12 wheelbarrels full. My husband got home and finished off unloading the dirt while I leveled it in the play area. Thank goodness he arrived when he did because my back muscles were SCREAMING at me. Needless to say, I was outside doing this for about 8 hours today after I did a 40 minute workout. No, I'm not the smartest! Here it is three hours after I finished and there are muscles that are tight and sore that I didn't even know existed. And just think, tomorrow I get to get out there and lay the black weed covering down before they start putting the swingset together!!!!


Sara said...

holy crap! is all i can say.... man, you are getting MORE than a workout this weekend for doing all of that!... i can't imagine! i have always admired your determination and drive to get things done--it's amazing to me how you take on these HUGE projects ALL by yourself!!... (i think i'm a little more like kris--procrastinator! esp. with things like this!:) WAY TO GO, GIRL!!! hopefully you'll get some much needed rest soon!:) love ya!

Meghan said...

Oh, amazing girl, you! What endurance and strength!

You guys are sooo close to being done - I'm so excited! It will be amazing!