Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pike Push-Ups & Pike Crunches

Yesterday was an "off" day for me - so I took the day completely off (notice there was no post).

Today on the other hand was a book workout day for me from Making The Cut (Day 29). This is my second time through the book (with a few variations), but after doing this workout I soon remembered just how hard the last week was. This workout killed me!!! Of course, it doesn't help that I have one child who wants to use all my equipment (especially my big body ball) and one who wants to use me as her own personal jungle gym.

The things in the workout that I had to push myself through were the Pike Push-ups (Push ups with your feet on a body ball), and Pike Crunches (Push up position with your feet on the body ball, slowly roll your knees into your chest using you abs, and then go back to starting position). All this in more, wrapping up the workout with 100 Bicycle crunches!! And even though I feel totally spent, I plan on doing my usual run this evening!

PS: I have been watching the Olympics (Which I adore Michael Phelps by the way!), but can I just say that I would love the body of a track and field star. Yes, I know that some of them are way to muscular, but I love the toned look. Kind of like Jessica Biel.

*Snack of the Day: EAS Carb Control Bar


Hope said...

You have just been doing awesome! I haven't had much time for commenting, but I've been reading and being encouraged by your posts, so keep 'em coming! I'm still working on starting BFL. Been getting the workouts in, but the diet is a whole other issue. Trying to figure out how to eat healthy and save money on groceries is killing me! I'm going to get there though, I want to and have to!

Sara said...

sarah, you're awesome!! i know i say it pretty much every time i comment, but it's just TRUE!!!.. i'm proud of you for plugging away and pushing yourself SO hard!! it's amazing to me! WAY TO GO!!!.... one of the hardest things for me, even though i've been lifting, is doing push-ups!! i can't imagine doing them w/ my feet on a ball!!! CRAZY!!!... thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!! love ya, girl!