Sunday, August 10, 2008


Sorry this post is late, yesterday was a busy day for me. Well when I got up my plan was to run, but noticed that the grass was getting rather tall. So at 8:00 I got out there and mowed. We have a walk-out so our side yards are pretty slopped, which is a good workout when pushing a mower up hill in wet flip-flops. (Yes, I know, someday I will cut my toe off wearing flip-flops). Yesterday was also the last day of me eating no carbs (YEAH!!!) I'm really hoping that this will help me to have more energy this week.


MamaHenClucks said...

I just had to laugh about you wearing flip flops and mowing because my KIDS tell me all the time that I will cut off my toes by doing this EXACT SAME THING! I am the mower and I am too lazy to put on real shoes. Besides, I hate that the grass turns my shoes green :)

Sarah said...

I believe that Meghan does this as well. In the middle of mowing the backyard one of my flip flops broke, and I just kept going. So, in my case, being that the grass still had dew on it, my feet were green and I really had to scrub them to get it off!!!
I'm usually the mower in my family as well. The girls can actually tell you stories of me mowing when I was 9 months pregnant. (It still didn't push me into labor!)