Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today's Workout & Diet Patrol

Today I did level 3 of Jillians 30 Day Shred DVD. (I will do my usual run later in the day). I was highly unmotivated this morning and dreaded working out, but once it was over I felt pretty good and glad that I made myself do it. My legs were sore from my run yesterday. Instead of doing my usual 20 minute interval run on the treadmill I pushed the kiddos in the double stroller up to the park to meet a good friend and her children. Keep in mind that I had 35 lbs in the front of the stroller and 19 lbs in the back. I hadn't done this in a while and was surprised that I made it running the whole way there. This means that I've built up a little more stamina.

On the way back is another story because it was mostly up hill. I took two short breaks and pushed myself the rest of the way. This is probably why the back of my legs (hamstrings) are pretty sore. It probaly doesn't help that I didn't stretch afterwards. (Which I haven't always been a big "stretcher" but I've been doing it alot more lately).

The hardest part for me during the workout today was proably the jumping lunges again. There is something about them that just kills my legs. They start burning so bad (which tells me I'm doing something right) but it's just hard to push through all the burning! In the end my legs feel like jello.

Well, my husband thinks I should confess my diet slip-up yesterday. I want you all to know that nothing about trying to lose weight is easy for me. I have to basically kill myself to get results and I have this mentality of when I put my mind to something I try my hardest to stick with it, sometimes to the point of obsessive complusiveness.

Anyway, my husband is not big on cooking, but there are two things that he is unbelievable at making and that is Chocolate Oreo Shakes, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. The past two weeks he's on this Chocolate Chip Cookie tangent. He usually makes them over the weekend so that I can have some as my "free" dessert, but this hasn't been the case on the last two times he's made them. Therefore, I had to show some restraint (which wasn't much). My temptation is the cookie dough - I LOVE it! Well on Sunday night (around 8:00) he decided he was going to make some cookies. He made just a few and froze the rest of the dough (BIG mistake). I have enough will power to not eat the cookies sitting in a container on our counter, but I do NOT possess enough will power to stay out of the frozen cookie dough in the freezer. So, when he got home from work I confessed to him that I got into the cookie dough. His first comment was, "Well I think you need to put that on your blog." As if he was punishing me! The bottom line is, if he would just stop making them we wouldn't be having this problem, now would we!?!

*Snack of the Day: Low Carb / Fat Free Yogurt with 10 unsalted Almonds


MamaHenClucks said...

I laughed because really, he SHOULD just stop making them. Shouldn't the whole house be on a diet??

It's amazing how much our kids weigh, especially when pushing them (or in my case pulling them in the wagon) in a stroller. Our walk to school is uphill. I don't mind pulling one of them in the wagon, but add that extra 40 pounds and it totally changes the game!

Sara said...

ha! this is hilarious!!!.... you're right! he needs to STOP making that tempting dough!!.... it's SO hard! i struggle even when there's nothing sweet and chocolatey in the house!... i've really had a hard time lately--i just haven't been caring as much! but i feel like i'm coming out of that!... it's hard to buy things that will fill me up without breaking the budget and that actually taste good.. i mean, do unsalted almonds REALLY taste good??.... (i guess i just have to get used to it, huh??....)

Sarah said...

I actually like the unsalted almonds. I think that I've gotten used to some of the things that I eat. I eat a 2 egg white omlette every morning and my mom cringes at the thought of eating just egg whites.

There are times when I do eat something like a Choc Chip cookie and think it tastes WAY too sweet.

Also there are things that I just can't stand - like cottage cheese. I literally have to choke it down! Blah!!!!

Hope said...

Good for you on getting the workout done despite the lack of motivation! I also had a hard time getting my bootie out of bed this morning to work out, but I did it and I feel so much better!

About the diet, we made cookies for the girl's first day of school after school snack yesterday. Let's just say I've had TOO MANY, so I totally relate on the whole temptation thing, except that it's my fault for making them! Good thing there is only one first day of school per year!

Meghan said...

I love cottage cheese so I can't relate....and I do love cookies and anything chocolate! Yum!

Keep up the good work all you working out girlies! Very inspiring!