Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday - Another New Beginning

Well today I started the Making the Cut book all over again. This will be my 3rd time going through the book. The very first time I went through the book with no variations (I lost 7 lbs), and the second time I did two DVD workouts and two Book workouts each week (I lost another 7 lbs). This time I'm still doing a variation: Monday's - DVD, Tuesday's - Book, Wednesday's - Off day, Thursday's - DVD, Friday's - Book, Saturday's & Sunday's - Off Days. On the days that I workout I will also be doing my usual 20 minute (2 mile) interval run. We'll see how this will work out for me.

So today was Day 1 from the book. I have to say that I have come along way. I recall the very first time I did this workout and literally thought I as going to die!!! This time I actually increased the weight that I used and made some exercises more challenging. It honestly shows me what progress that I've been making and that I'm getting a lot stronger. But no matter how many times I go through these workouts I still hate some of the exercises (for example, Mountain Climbers). I'm just glad that tomorrow will be an off day for me.

*Snack of the Day: One small apple with 1 Tbs of Natural Peanut Butter.

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