Monday, August 18, 2008

Weighing In

Lets just start today's post by telling you all what I splurged on this weekend. Here goes:

Saturday I had one of my son's donut holes, 1 slice of sausage pizza, chips and salsa (a friend gave me his salsa recipe and I'm addicted to it), and 1 of my husband's fabulous chololate chip cookies & a little bit of cookie dough. (Yes, he made them again, but he did ask me first!) Other then those things, I made it through the day eating other healthier options.

On Sunday, I had two more cookies, and our normal Sunday after church tradition of Taco Bell (which really isn't all that bad for you if you get the right thing), with more chips and salsa.

With this being said...I dreaded getting on the scale for the weigh in this morning. I weighed myself again first thing after waking up (or being woke up by my son.) I couldn't believe my eyes... 142 lbs. Remember my starting weight was 155, so that gives me a loss of 13 lbs. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope that it wasn't water weight after working in the yard so much this weekend. I guess we'll get the answer at next weeks weigh in.


MamaHenClucks said...

Good for you! Water weight or not, 13 pounds is alot! You have way, way more determination than I would EVER have!

Sara said...

YEAH, SARAH!!!! that's awesome that we're on track together!!!... you're doing AWESOME!!! and seriously, besides alexis, YOU are another motivation factor for me!! i really would have probably let myself just get burnt out... but after i come and check your blog, it's like i gain some new energy to keep going!!! thanks, friend! i'm proud of you and i love ya!!!:)