Friday, August 8, 2008

Wiped Out!

Today, despite feeling completely wiped out, I did a 40 minute book workout from Making the Cut . I thought I was really going to have to push myself in order to get through it, but once I started it wasn't all that bad.

For the past two weeks I have been doing two-a-day workouts. I do either a DVD workout or Book workout in the morning, and then in the early evening I do a 20 minute (2 Mile) interval run. I think that today it has all finally caught up with me. I don't feel like I've given my body the proper resting time that it needed, so I'm praying that it doesn't cause havic on my body. Since my body is plain exhausted, and sore in places I didn't know existed, I will not be running tonight, but will run tomorrow morning instead (which is usually a day off). It will be my last workout before going to my husband's reunion!!

I know that a lot of my exhaustion this week stems from my change in diet for this week only. I normally eat "good carbs" at breakfast and lunch, sometimes dinner with protein. Well, in Making the Cut, Jillian gives tips on how to look really good to special occassions. I thought that my husband's reunion was a special occassion, so decided to try it. It has you drink, 100oz of water a day (which I do anyway), eating 6 egg whites for breakfast, protein and veggies for lunch & dinner. After before dinner a protein snack (Example: 20 Unsalted Almonds) So really it's not much of a change, it just take out all the carbs & salt in your diet. Since I started this on Monday I can tell a HUGE difference in my energy level. By the time 6:00 rolls around I'm ready for bed. This is why I feel that it is important to eat the right carbs. Don't get me wrong...there is a HUGE difference between a good carb & bad carb. I strongly feel that the body gets it's fuel from good carb sources which is where you get your energy from. I plan on resuming my normal diet on Sunday. I just hope by doing all this it doesn't give me false hope when I get on the scale Monday morning. We will see!


MamaHenClucks said...

I hope you don't mind if I lurk on your new blog. Can I just tell you that I think you look fantastic in your pictures that you posted yesterday? You look fit, healthy and slim.

Here I thought walking O to school each day was a HUGE workout (it's only two miles, one way) but I am impressed by your workouts!

Sarah said...

Thank you for the encouragement. Of course I don't mind you "lurking". Your walking distance is a huge workout, as well as moutain climbing, chasing baby chicks, and oh yeah... crawling underneath houses!!!

Sara said...

WOW!!! you are amazing!!!! i wish i had your discipline in the diet department!!.... i often use the excuse that it's too expensive to eat healthy.... and i usually like/need a change with food! i get bored with the same thing every day.... i do my best to try and eat healthy, but (esp. at a certain time of the month) i tend to crave sweets and want to eat right before bed!!! ugh!... i've been pretty tired too, so that never helps!... we just gotta keep encouraging each other! you're an inspiration to me!:) thanks, friend!!

Sarah said...

Sara, your right that eating healthy is expensive. It kills me that you can eat all the junk food for a very little price. I've actually surprise myself in the eating department. But don't get me wrong, I still have my days where I just want a chocolate chip cookie. That's why one day a week I allow myself to have one free meal and dessert that I want. I think this helps me to stick with the diet plan.