Friday, September 19, 2008

Exhaustion Sets In...

This morning I started out on a good note and did my book workout. It was around noon that I started dragging. My parents and brother were all here, and yes they helped me out with the kids, but it's still hard trying to fit everyones needs. I loved them being here, but everything begins to take a toll on you. It also doesn't help that my husband has been working extra long hours at work due to the lovely stock market!

I did not do a food journal today because of everything that was going on, but I have to say that I'm proud that I dodged the left over pizza they ate for lunch, and the Rally's Hamburgers and fries they wanted for dinner. On a sad note, I did eat bites of a chocolate chip cookie and ate cookie dough (equivalent to a cookie). You know me and cookie dough... can't stay away from the stuff!!! I did actually drink 6 liters of water today, but I was also in the bathroom a ton!

I have the next two days to recover from my state of exhaustion!

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Sara said...

you are amazing!! don't beat yourself up!! you're doing GREAT!! we've been SO busy, i didn't even post yesterday!!!... just make sure you rest--your body AND mind need rest to stay focused and disciplined!! love ya, girl!:)