Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday's Food for Thought & Workout

Today I did book workout - Day 22. I was pretty sore from yesterday's workout, but that didn't stop me. Knowing that I have the next two days off helped as well. The cross over lunges with hammer curls wasn't really any fun. Being that I was already sore I really had to push myself through these. To be honest, I stopped half-way through and then forced myself to finish the rest. The other part that was a challenge was running at 10 % incline at 6 mph for one minute (twice during the workout). Afterwards, my 2 1/2 year old son came over and said, "Mommy are you OK?" I was breathing like I was taking my last breath!

Instead of running today I did an aerobic routine. I am starting a workout class at our church on Saturday mornings. I haven't taught in 7 years, so I've been practicing some of the things that I will be doing. I used to teach kick boxing, step, body sculpt and yoga - but like I said, that was 7 years ago. So wish me luck, because I'm definitely going to need it!!! I don't think I got my heart rate up to where it needed to be, but at least I burned a few more calories!

Here is today's Diet journal:

Breakfast: Bowl of Kashi cereal with skim milk and protein powder mixed in = 340

Lunch: Shredded chicken (that marinated in salsa in the crock pot) over lettuce with 1 tbsp of light ranch dressing, 8 chips and salsa = 330

Two cups coffee with flavored creamer = 100

Snack: 2 wasa crackers with 2 Tbsp of Natural Peanut Butter and sugar free jelly = 310

Dinner: (My own creation) Whole Wheat penne pasta, extra lean ground beef with low sodium taco seasoning, lentils, light spaghetti sauce, and mozzarella cheese. = 200

Bites of cake and ice cream (from my daughters birthday party) = 150

Water Intake: 4 liters

Total: 1430 (I think the high calorie, but very good for me, snack helped me out today with getting to where my caloric intake should be!)


Hope said...

How awesome that your are going to start a class at church! I was just thinking the other day when I was reading one of your posts that I thought you used to teach some classes. Too funny that I was thinking about that and then you mention it. Great job again today!

Sara said...

you ARE doing awesome!! i wish i could take the class!!! your workouts inspire me!... i'm thinking of getting some new exercise equipment w/ my bday $... then i can maybe do some of "making the cut" with you!!!... you're amazing (can't say it enough!) and way to go getting your calories up there!! YEAH!!!:)