Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Hunk-A Hunk-A Burnin' Quads

Normally I don't workout on Sunday's, but I happened to look at the book and noticed that it only gave me one day off before starting the next week. Probably because the last week is KILLER. So she has you do two days, then two days off, two days, and two days off. It was pretty hard on me today. After I was done my legs were actually shaking, and I felt sick to my stomach. Here are some things that she (Jillian Michaels) has you do.

This is squats with dumbells (I'm holding 15 lbs dumbells). She has you do 50 reps Fast.

This is what she calls surrenders. You start in the knealing position, then...

Pushing up with one leg into...

the standing position. The whole time you are keeping the shoulders ingaged by never dropping the weight. You do 20 on each leg.

This is what she calls a Burpy. You start in the squat position and with all your strength you jump straight up...

Sorry it's blurred, but as you can see I was jumping. You land with soft knees, and do it all over again. She has you do 20 reps.

Just some pics after I was done - and after the nausea subsided!


Sara said...

once again, you look amazing!!! i'm continually impressed with your drive and your strength!!! you're an inspiration!! and i'm totally impressed that you worked out on sunday!! WOW!!! i'm proud of YOU TOO!!!:)

Joelle said...

just stumbled on to your blog - not sure which blog i was looking at that had your link! anyway, i just read the entire thing-totally impressed! i have been thinking about doing the making the cut book.. checked it out and read it and everything. im surprised you only lost 7lbs with it the first time around- i was thinking i would lose like 15lbs if i did it. but maybe this is unrealistic! i need to lose about 10lbs.. think this is the way to do it? how in the world did you stick to the food part!???

Sarah said...

Joelle, I'm glad you stumbled upon my blog. I do think that Making the Cut is the way to go. I've done every diet known to man-kind and the only two that have ever really worked are Body For Life and Making the Cut.

Before I started Making the Cut I was running 3-4 miles a day, going to the Y for aerobics classes whenever I could, but nothing was working. As you can tell by the 7 lbs the first time around I lose weight pretty slowly. Now, I was on vacation during one of the weeks with no exercise so that may have played a role in only the 7 lbs. I think 10 lbs is very doable if you can push yourself through the workouts. At the beginning I was literally dying through the workouts (there were times that I even got sick), but now it's much easier - which means I need to bump it up a notch.

As for sticking to the diet. I took her oxidizer quiz and found out that I was a balance oxidizer. I stuck to the diet pretty well with a few changes. I am not a big seafood person. I like canned Tuna and shrimp, but that's pretty much it. Fish is also very expensive to buy. So I would substitute chicken for the fish. There are also some veggie that I'm not a big fan of, such as Eggplant, so I would use broccoli for spaghetti squash instead.
I never had to alter breakfast or the snacks for the day, it was just usually lunch or dinner. I tried to stick as close to it as possible, and really compared my substitutions to whatever she had in the book (nutrition wise).

I only did the diet part the first month. Once I completed that month I really new the food choices I should make on a daily basis. I still follow her food plan (as to how I should be eating - equalizing my good carbs and proteins), I have just created some of my own recipes that my whole family enjoys.

I highly recommend the program. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy by any means, but it works! Feel free to ask any questions. I will answer them as best as I can. I wish you the best of luck on whatever you choose to do.