Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Off Days

Yesterday and today are my off days. I felt like taking yesterday completely off since I posted over the weekend. The only form of exercise that I got yesterday was pushing my kiddos in the massive double stroller around our neighborhood for 30 minutes. (I did run some, but only because my son like to go Fast, Fast, Fast!) Later that evening I met up with an old friend at the batting cages (we have our alumni softball game this Saturday).

Diet wise I pretty much do what I normally do, but I have to admit that the left over Birthday cake and M&M's that I used to decorate it with were my temptation - and I gave in! I had about 10 bites.

As for today so far, I just got done pulling my kids in a wagon around our neighborhood for 40 minutes. No I did not attempt running with them in a wagon, but yes, I thought about it! Unless I get a big burst of energy I won't be doing anything else (exercise wise) today. Tomorrow is the same exercise that I did on Sunday and it's a killer one, so I know what lies ahead!

Also, did anyone watch the Biggest Loser last night? I did!! It's one of my favorite shows. This season has one team (Jillian's Team) is made up of pairs (One parent and one child), the other team (Bob's Team) is also made up of pairs, but it's of husbands and wives. I have to admit that I love Bob (the tainer) there is just something about him that I just love. I like Jillian too, but she is in-your-face aggressive. If she did that to me I would probably cry! To me you can't go wrong with either one of them!

If I have time to get back on tonight I plan on posting my diet journal. I hope you are all having great days!


Sara said...

hey, you've been working hard! don't beat yourself up for eating some bday cake!! i know i'll be doing that this weekend too:) oh, and i LOVE the biggest loser too!! we recorded it, but haven't had a chance to watch it yet! we were out lastnight for a fun night w/ the kiddos... anyway, i love watching it--it's another good inspiration!! good luck with the killer workout tomorrow!! you're doing AWESOME!!!

Joelle said...

have you seen this? Jillian has a new book?

Hope said...

Don't you love and hate double strollers at the same time? Wonderful idea to keep them all confined and all, but that is a LOT of weight to push around! At one point, I thought a triple stroller would have been helpful, I'm not sure how I thought I would have pushed it.

I LOVE The Biggest Loser! I just posted about it at Pinkadoodledoo last night. I plan to post about it every week. It is sooooo motivational! I'm thinking brown team this year? I don't know, hard to tell this early on. I don't usually start having favorites until a few weeks in. I missed the losers dearly this summer!

Sarah said...

Joelle - I took the survey for her new book. I'm anxious to see what it's going to be about.

Hope - the double stroller is a huge help, but with N's 35 lbs on the front it can be a bit hard to push and turn. It's gives you a great workout. As for the Biggest loser - I'm a HUGE fan. The bad thing is that I cry at every stinkin' episode!