Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh My Achin' Triceps!

Today I did a book workout (Day 18), which was the same as day 15. Well after I did Monday's workout my triceps have been SO sore. I'm perfectly fine with them being sore because they are one the hardest muscles to tone, but sore they are and here is why...
The book has you do a set of dips (what I'm doing in the picture minus the body ball at my feet) until you can't do anymore (muslce failure). Then it has you do a warrior pose with tricep kick backs (this is what I'm doing in the third picture), lastly it has you do a set of 20 dips with your feet on a body ball - just like in the picture. Not mention the three different types of push ups that it has you do, which also works the triceps.

Here I'm doing step plyos, which is a form of cardio but also utilizing a major muscle group (quads). You go as fast as you can for one minute, and by the time the minute is up your legs are on FIRE!!!


Hope said...

I'm intrigued as to who is actually taking pictures when you work out, and do they feel the least bit guilty for taking pictures and not joining you? :)

You are doing so fantastic! I love your posts, very motivational!

Sarah said...

Sometimes N takes them, but he gets a hand in the picture every now and then. He would rather watch through the camera then join me. The camera also has a timer, so sometimes I set the timer and allow N to hold it.