Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday's Food For Thought

Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean Creal with skim milk and protein powder mixed in. (Not as bad as it sounds) = 340

Lunch: Salad with fat free Mozarella, 6 crushed Almonds and balsamic vinegar. 2 Egg white sandwhich on fat free cheddar, pepper, and fat free mayo on two pieces whole wheat / low carb bread. And one small slice of a chicken quesadilla = 275

Coffee with flavored creamer = 100

Snack: Small banana with 1 Tbsp of Natural Peanut Butter = 150

Dinner: Buffalo Chicken wrap (1 Tbsp Buffalo sauce, 1 small La Tortilla Factory tortilla, chicken, fat free cheddar - Roll up and put on George Forman). 1 Cup Steamed Broccoli = 180

Snack: Protein Shake = 110

Misc: (I'm experimenting for my daughter's 1st Birthday cake with icing tips. So I made muffins and mixed coloring in icing, but also sampled both! YUM!! = 150 :(

Water Intake: 4 liters

Total: 1315

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