Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Lately I have really been dreading working out for some reason. It used to be that I was excited about it and actually looked forward to doing it. Now I find myself stalling. I make breakfast for the kiddos, change into my workout clothes, dilly dally with some other things, and then finally get around to actually working out. Once I've completed the workout I feel great and glad that I did it... It's just the matter of getting started. I don't know what my problem is lately, but I'm beginning to get really frustrated with myself!

With that being said... today I started the day off with a book workout (Day 9). Can I just say that I love running at a 10% incline at 6 mph! Yeah right!!! Luckily I only had to do that twice and for only one minute each time. But it was enough that my legs were screaming at me to stop!

At around 4:00 today I hopped on the treadmill for my usual 2 mile (20 minute) interval run, and the last minute I sprinted at 8 mph. I followed this up with some ab work on a body ball.

Here is my diet journal for the day:

Two bites of my child's chocolate pop tart prior to working out

Breakfast: Weight control Quaker oatmeal, and a two egg white omelette with fat free cheddar cheese and pepper.

Lunch: Tuna Melt (2 peices whole wheat/low carb bread, Fat Free cheddar cheese, tuna fish mixed with mustard and fat free mayo - grilled like a grilled cheese with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray) 3 Cilatro Lime chips and salsa with a Diet Dr. Pepper

2 Cups Regular Coffee with flavored creamer & sweet-n-low

Snack: Apple and 1 Tbsp of Natural Peanut Butter

Dinner: One small La Tortilla Factory tortilla with 2 Tbsp Natural Peanut Butter and Sugar Free jelly, and Cucumbers marinated in Apple Cider Vinegar and Pepper. (It was an on-the-go dinner due to worship practice at church). 1/2 Cup Green Tea

One the way to church my husband wanted to stop by Starbucks. I got a 1/2 Caf coffee with 2 squarts Peppermint, skim milk, and sweet-n-low. They were also passing out free slices of marble loaf (Just my luck - Right!) Well, they gave us three slices and I took about four bites - it was yummy!!!

Water Intake: I just started my 5th liter of water. (I had a lot of caffeine today, so I needed to drink more water). I will have # 6 during the middle of the night. And to answer a question from my friend Sara, at Weighing In, I do spend a lot of time in the bathroom. I usually get up two or three times in the middle of the night as well. (You can only imagine what I was like when I was pregnant!!)

I know I need to lay off the coffee and creamer, but anyone please feel free to give me any advice on the eating aspect of what I'm doing. I welcome it with open arms. Same thing with the working out. I feel that my body is beginning to get used to some of the things that I'm doing (this is the 3rd month). I worried about a plateau. Any advice on how to avoid that?


Hope said...

Okay, just to let you know, I am great at knowing what to do, not great at doing it. So take this or leave it.

I'm wondering with your double workouts if you are actually eating enough? Your choices are great! I think you are doing a fantastic job at eating healthy and making good choices. I'm just wondering if you are not seeing differences on the scale as much as you'd like because your body actually needs more? Kind of a backwards idea, but I know Jillian is big on this. (On Biggest Loser and in her book Winning by Losing).

Once again, just a thought. I by no means am one to be giving advice! I think you are doing great and say keep it up! I'm loving your food journal, gives great motivation to make better choices and ideas for healthy things to eat too. :)

Sara said...

i think hope has a great point! in fact, i think i was having a similar problem for not getting enough protein! i've added protein shakes to my diet, but not every day (though i probably should!) our bodies are amazing and crazy at the same time in how they work, aren't they??!!!.... keep up the good work!! i totally know about hitting that plateau!!..i did that about a month ago--i'm still coming out of it!.... now that z and i are both in school, it has at least helped to get some sort of a routine!... the only thing i can say is plug through!! if you need to cut back a little, do it! don't beat yourself up at all!! you've accomplished SO much!! i think we need a break or rest every once in a while! it might be just what you need to be rejuvenated!!! i think you're amazing! an inspiration to me, that's FOR SURE!! love ya, girl and i'm proud of you!!!!

Sarah said...

Hope - Prior to doing this diet plan I was not eating enough at all. Kris kept telling me to eat more and once I started the plan and ate more I started seeing results. I still have trouble with not eating enough. My mind starts playing tricks on me. I've been adding protein shakes to add more to my diet without eating empty calories. What I need to do is start watching my calorie intake and make sure that I stay right where I'm supposed to be. I don't know why I've gotten away from this. Jillian makes it very clear to stay around your caloric needs. I will be looking into this!

Sarah - I'm terrified of a plateau because I'm scared of being discouraged. I don't want to give up, but at the same time I don't want to get into my "obsessive" mode, but I'm honestly getting tired! Thank you for your encouraging words, they mean a lot!