Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weighing In

I weighed in this morning and had a great surprise. I weighed 138 lbs. I had a 2 lb weight loss since last week, and I honestly don't know how! Buy hey - I'm happy. Again, when I started this program I weighed 155 lbs. The first month I lost 7 lbs, the second month I lost 7 lbs, and the third month I lost 3 lbs. As you can see I have plateaued and it's gonig to get even harder for me.

This is not to take away from all that I have accomplished. As of today I have lost a total of 17 lbs, and I couldn't have done it without God on my side. God has given the the strength and drive to push myself, not to mention all the prayers that he has answered for me. This has not been my doing, I give all the glory to him, for it is he who knows my personal struggles!

I did my last workout in the book (Day 30), but I will be doing day 29 & 30 again on Thursday and Friday.

This is my only post for today because I will be going to an aerobics class later this evening. A friend from church is going to co-teach the workout class that I'm starting at our church. She has been teaching for some time now, so I wanted to attend her class so that I can pick up on her teaching style - especially since I haven't taught in over 7 years! I am so grateful that she is helping me out with this! Our first class is this Saturday, so I will let all know how it goes!


Hope said...

That's awesome! It's wonderful to have a pleasant surprise after you're been working so hard for it! Way to go! Perseverance wins the prize!

Sara said...

yeah, sarah!! i'm SO proud of you!!! i lost another pound last week too--when i weighed in on friday! so, that's exciting!!!... i'm glad someone will be helping you out at church!!.. that's great:) hopefully that will lift a weight off your shoulders a little... i can't tell you what an inspiration you are to me!! i'm SO proud of you!!!..

MamaHenClucks said...

Good for YOU!! You do such a good job at being consistant and working towards your goal. You inspire me in other things to stick it out, even when I don't want to!

Joelle said...

17 pounds!! that is so awesome!!! congrats!!!