Friday, October 31, 2008

Fit Friday Week # 2

This week I finished Making the Cut for the fourth time. I will be starting it again from the Beginning on Monday. Here is what my workout week looked like:

Monday: Making The Cut Book Workout Day 29
Tuesday: Making The Cut Book Workout Day 30 followed by 15 minute sprints on the treadmill
Wednesday: Off Day
Thursday: Making The Cut Book Workout Day 29
Friday: Making The Cut Book Workout Day 30 (this time upping the weights that I used)

I usually do pretty well on the diet. I eat a lot of the same meals through out the week. But on Monday I took the kiddos to my husband's work for their trick or treating on their floor at Edward Jones. For a 3 and 1 year old they got WAY too much candy, and I have eaten two pieces of it. Two Almond Joy bars to be exact because no one else in my family likes coconut!

Then to top it all off my husband was having a cookie contest at work. My husband has mastered the chocolate chip cookie - it's amazing, but there is one major problem... I have some serious issues with cookie dough. On my family blog I just recently participated in Missy's at It's Almost Naptime event with having our husband write 7 random things about us. Well here was my husband's #5 answer about me:

Sarah's Kryptonite is "Cookie Dough." She and I both have a sweet tooth, but this is Sarah's greatest weakness. She has a hard time resisting fresh chocolate chip cookie dough. She can fight the urge to eat the finished product but during the making of my chocolate chip cookies she enjoys a spoonful of the dough here and there. Here...and there. Here...and there. Here... and there (you get the point).

By the way... He got first place in that contest. Yes mam, they are that good!!!

I didn't do too terribly bad. And something that I do every week is give myself one free meal and one free dessert. I feel that this helps me to stay focused on my diet during the week, but since I had all that cookie dough I didn't get my free meal!

I have to say that I expected the scale to say what it did this morning since I lost 2 lbs in two weeks. Like I have stated before I have been doing this since June and now my body is getting too comfortable with what I'm doing, so it's slowing down in the weight loss area. So, I got on and the scale read 136 meaning that I didn't lose, nor did I gain. But I was really hoping to reach my goal of 135. Next week is a new week!

Also, a lot of you have commented on my abs. I have the outer definition, but I also want you to know that I can pinch two inches of skin and fat that still lays over them. Sometimes pictures can be a bit deceiving.

Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday. I TiVo'd it because the Biggest Loser people were on there. It showed the one and only female winner 6 months after winning and she still weighs 128 after previously weighing 234. My only question is where did all her "flab" go. For example, I have had two children maxing out at 182 with both of them. I can pinch all this extra skin that probably will never go away. So where was hers after weighing 234? She was in the skinny jeans and flattering top with absolutely NO muffin top! What in the world!!! But hey, I have to give her kudos for looking fabulous!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fab Ab Moves

This week is my last week through Making the Cut (for the fourth time). I did another book workout today (Day 30), and plan on doing Day 29 & 30 again on Thursday and Friday. Honestly I didn't feel like today's workout was hard enough for me, so I ran sprints for 15 minutes after my 40 minute workout. Afterwards I was wondering what in the world I thinking!!!

I love learning different moves, so today I wanted to share some great ab workouts. Here are some of my favorite "Ab" moves to do. Two of these moves target your obliques (the side ab muscles).

This is a form of the side plank position. Lay on your side propping yourself onto one forearm. Using your core strength push yourself up into a straight line (Pictured in the second picture). Slowly lower yourself into starting position and repeat.

This too also works the obliques. As you can see in the picture I like to put my feel up against a wall. This helps me to stay balanced so that I can concentrate on my abs. Lay with your side on the body ball. Let your body kind of hang over a bit. Put your arms behind your head (this makes it harder). Using your side muscles pull yourself up. Hold for a count and lower yourself back down to starting position & Repeat.

This is what they call a Pike Crunch. Lay with your abdomen on the ball and slowly roll yourself forward until you feet and ankles are on top of the ball. (Your body should be in push up position with your feet on the body ball). By contracting your abs, slowly bring your knees into your chest. Hold for a count and bring them back to starting position - Repeat.

Hope you're having a Fab Ab day!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fit Friday Week 1

We completed our first week of getting "Hot of the Holidays". Here is was my workout routine for the week:

Monday: I did a cardio day because I had a 9-1:00 meeting to attend. (I normally work from my home). I ended up doing 25 minutes of 1 minute sprints at 9 mph, and then walked for 1.5 minutes.

Tuesday: I did a book workout from Making the Cut. These workouts are circuits which consist of strength training and cardio boosts, followed by abs.

Wednesday: Off Day

Thursday: Another Making the Cut workout

Friday: Making the Cut workout

I don't usually have big diet issues. Trust me I'm not perfect, and sure I splurge. For example, two days this week I had a hersey kiss after lunch, but I did limit it to just one. My son also always give me one side of his OREO (the side without the icing) - who can resist your 3 year child sharing with you! My biggest issue is my coffee drinking. I have two large cups a day with flavored creamer and a no-calorie sweetner. I have also been trying to cut back on the Diet soda. I usually have one a day, but I'm now allowing myself one every-other-day.

Here is what I try to do each day. I tend to eat 5 small meals a day. I have a good carb with protein in each of these. I eat veggies with lunch and dinner, and my snack usually include fruit. I don't go more than 4 hours without eating, and I have a late evening snack around 9:00. By doing this I feel that it keep my metabolism going and feuled to burn more calories.

The Weigh In:

Before I say this I wanted to remind you all that I have a 4 month head start on your guys. I started working out and losing weight the second week in June. This is very doable for you all, and I know how important a support system is when trying to lose weight.

I stepped on the scale this morning and weighed 136. I lost 1 lb this week. This brings me to a total of 19 lbs. Again, my goal was to lose between 20-25 lbs. I am almost there, but I know the last pounds are the hardest to get off, so I have some work cut out for me.

Pictures Below:

Here is a Very short video of my son. He came up to me and said, "Mommy I'm working out!" He started breathing really hard and then said, "Mommy sounds like this!" You might have to turn up the volume to hear him. Funny how kiddos pick up on certain things!


Here are a few pictures of my workout today. Again, I've been doing these workouts (which are different every day) since June - and trust me, it never get any easier. On Thurday I pushed myself so hard on the Sprints (Treadmill at a 10% incline, running at 6 mph) I actually thought I was going to pass out.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm a Jungle Gym

I realized that after yesterday's post. I made working out from home sound pretty easy. Don't get me wrong some days I can work out with very few interruptions. But that is not usually the case with two little Monkeys running around. Today was NOT one of those days.

When one monkey saw me doing my ab workout on the floor she ran at me full speed and plopped on my belly. Then when the other monkey say her, he decided it would be fun too. Soon I had both little monkeys climbing on me like I was a jungle gym. The pictures are blurry because I was trying to take the picture on my back with them two all over me.

They are the sweetest little monkeys who completely adore each other! I will forever be their jungle gym!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Working Out From Home

I have posted before about working out from home. Take a look at the older post to see what equipment I used from home

This is my fifth time through Making the Cut. This is a program that is definitly designed to do in a gym, but I have tweaked some of the exercises so that I can still get the benefits from them in my very own home.

Below is a picture of a girl in the gym doing a lat pulldown. I don't have this kind of equipment at home, so the second picture is what I do to work the same muscle group.

I take my resistance band and put in around the top of my front door. I put my hands where the give me enough resistance for a good workout and I pull downward.

This next picture is of a man on a seated row machine. You can do rows with dumbells, but the seated rows works the muscle group from a different angle. The second picture is how I made my very own seated row...

I put my resistance band around the base of my treadmil and sat back to where the resistance band would be tight enough to pull. I then pull with my arms close to my sides.

This is a great buns and hamstring workout from a step. They are called one-legged pelvic thrusts. Place one foot on the step while the other leg is straight up in the air.

Step 1

Push through the heal of the foot on the step and lifting your pelvis towards the ceiling & tightening your glutes. Hold for a count and go back to the starting position.

Step 2

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fit Fridays

I am joining a group of ladies from It's Almost Naptime to get "Hot For the Holidays". Like I have said in previous posts, to me, it's about being healthy again. I have been on this journey since June when I saw myself in some vacation pictures. At that point I had already been trying to get off the baby weight from having my second (and last) child in September 2007. Nothing was happening, so I knew I had to take it up a whole new level. I started doing Jillian Michaels' Making the Cut I currently weigh 137 lbs. I have already lost a total of 18 lbs. My goal is to lose 20-25 lbs and be around 130 lbs. I feel that this is a very healthy weight for me, and a very feasible goal to accomplish. I have hit a major plateau (I only lost 1 lb in a month) and I feel that by doing this with all of you I will be able to push through this and continue to lose the weight.

I plan on continuing the program that I've been doing, but I tend to change things up to have variety. I have already posted a lot on the workouts that I do, so you can glance through them if you wish.
Here are some before pictures. These are the pictures that I literally cried over when I saw.

Here are some "now" photos. I took top one about a month ago, and I took the bottom one a couple of weeks ago when I could finally get into a pair of jeans I wore right after I got married.

I look forward to joining you all in Getting Fit For the Holidays!! I wish you all the best!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Soda or No Soda

As I mentioned in a previous post I have been hearing a lot of bad things about drinking diet soda. Regular soda is generally bad for you due to the sugar and acid in it. Diet soda also has the acid that depletes important nutrients from you body, but it also has artificial sweetners that can harm you as well.

In February there was a study done on rats to see what artificial sweeteners would do. It actually increased their appetites and made them gain weight. There are reasons behind this that you can read about in the link that I will provide.

In the end they are not sure if this does the same thing in humans. They say that artificial sweeteners play tricks on the body so that it doesn't know how many calories it consumes. I read a ton of articles on this, but I felt that the Wikipedia one summed it all up pretty well, and included a list of beverages at the bottom to tell you which soda has which artificial sweetener.

I just have one problem... I not only drink Diet soda, but I put artificial sweetener in my coffee as well. I can give up soda, but giving up coffee will be like pulling teeth for me!!!

Any suggestions???

Here is the link to the article on Wikipedia:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Weigh In

Well I really didn't want to weigh in today because of going away for an extended weekend with little exercise and not-so-healthy food.

Drum Roll Please...........

137 is what the scale read this morning. I actually lost 1 lb. I haven't lost any weight in a month now and it was getting a bit frustrating! This brings my weight loss to 18 lbs.

Here are three reasons why this might have happened:
  1. We did a TON of walking (pumpkin patch - where I jumped in a hopper with my kiddos, an air show, and then I ran one day I was there).
  2. Another thing that I think may have played a role in this is that I didn't have one diet soda while I was there. Here, I at least have one every other day, sometimes every day. But I never go over 1 can of soda per day. I LOVE Diet Dr Pepper and Coke Zero.
  3. I'm beginning to wonder if I shocked my body a bit by eating the not-so-healthy food while I was there. Sure I cheat, but I really cheated!

So, since I weighed in this morning I've been researching about Diet Soda. What do you all think about it? I will most likely be posting something about this. But I would still love to hear every one's opinion. Care to share?

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Back!!

Well I'm back from my weekend get-away anyway! My family and I went to Dallas, TX over the weekend to visit my parents and brother. We left Thursday evening, and arrived back home at 9:30 this morning.

Before I left I tried to get in as many workouts as I could without overwhelming my body. I ended up doing Making the Cut book workouts on Monday & Tuesday. Wednesday I ran for 30 minutes (3.25 Miles). Thursday I did another book workout.

While I was gone I had every intention of working out - besides me running through the airport pushing a double stroller that is hard to steer with an extra 55 pounds on it. I even packed workout clothes. So yesterday afternoon, while my kiddos were napping, I put on those workout clothes and running shoes. I ran about 1.5 miles through my parent's subdivision (which is beautiful!) I am so used to running on the treadmill, so it was actually hard for me and I had to really push myself. I'm really glad that I did it because I felt great afterwards!

As for eating... well that's just a whole new ball game. For some reason I couldn't keep my hands off the sweets!!!! I did eat healthier options whenever possible (chicken instead of a hamburger, chicken breast deli sandwich on whole wheat with Fat free ranch). I also tried to fill up on veggies as much as I could, because I knew this would help me to not over eat and stay full longer. Also, my water intake wasn't near what it normally is - I blame this on not having my water bottle. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't go anywhere without my nalgene water bottle, and anyone who flies on the airlines knows that you can't get it through security!!! I tried to make it as best as I could without it.

I will be weighing in tomorrow whether I want to or not. I haven't worked out today since we got in town this morning, so I may try to run a little later when the kiddos get up from their naps. I will let you all know how it goes!! Hopefully I will be posting a little more frequently now. This last month has been complete chaos for me. Now it's time to get back into my normal routine!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weighing In

Well I did wiegh in, but I wasn't very happy doing it. I haven't lost anything in over two weeks. It's been fluctuating between 138-141. Granted my life style hasn't helped me in any way this last month.

I've done my workouts religiously every morning, but I know that I could have pushed myself harder instead of just doing them to just do them. Also, I have had family in town every week since September 12, and now I will be leaving to go visit my parents in Dallas on Thursday. I'm exhausted, but see family has been fun! But as we know when you have family get togethers you tend to not eat so well. I've eaten pretty well, but my sweet tooth sometimes gets the best of me.

So, now that I've plateaued and I'm so close to my goal weight of being between 130-135, I'm getting really frustrated. Needless to say, when I got on the scale and saw 139 this morning I chose to do Day 9 book workout from Making the Cut. I not only did it once, but I also went back and did two of the circuits again. In doing this I almost made myself sick - literally! I'm ready to crank it up a knotch and get the last bit of my weight off.

Since I will be leaving town on Thursday evening I plan on having a cardio day, which is my normal day off. I'm choosing cardio because I feel that my muscles need the time to recover from the last two days of Book workouts Day 8 & 9. Then I plan on doing another book workout on Thursday before hopping on an airplane. I will try to workout at my parents house, but I'm not sure how much I will be able to do. We will see!

Also, I'm going to beg you all for your encouragment. You all have been a blessing to me and you hold me accountable - which I LOVE!! But it's getting a lot harder for me, so I will desperately need the reinforcements pushing me along the way. I've been going at this rate for 4 months now and I'm beginning to get burned out, so that even makes it harder for me to push myself. So, again I will need the extra back up and I'm now holding my readers accountable for their support!! Thank you all!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lets Get Ready to Rumble....

It all started with a nice & friendly photo

The first photo is a glimpse of the first night we wrestled. This is pretty much what it looked like, because Dani started it by jumping on my back trying to pry the ball out of my hand. She did not succeed at this attempt. The second photo is of the second night when I took off after her to pry the ball out of her hand in which I did succeed! Score: 2 Sarah - 0 Dani

Here we were taking a nice friendly photo and what does Dani do, well... She starts trying to get the ball back.

Here my very precious son is yelling for his Mommy. "Mommy, Mommy" As you can tell his Uncle Doug had to hold him back from protecting me. It wasn't until I looked up and told him that Mommy was alright that he started yelling, "Go, Go Mommy!"

Here is starts to get serious and we were ready to rumble, but No...

Doug steps in because he's afraid to see his wife go down AGAIN for the third time. Weak I say, Weak!

So after he takes off the ball that he pried out of a girls hand - he takes off with that smirk on his face. And my husband then decides to step in. We are all four fighting over one stinkin' ball - four very competitive people = not a good situation.

This is what the outcome was. No ball, but we know who remains on top!!!

My sweet, sweet son tried to break us all up. Here he is making sure that everyone was just having fun, and that's exactly what we did.
All said and done - I got some great workouts in by wrestling, and I've never laughed so much in my life. Thanks for a wonderful surprise Doug and Dani, along with a fabulous week. We love you and miss you guys already!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where Can She Be?

Have you been wondering where in the world I have been? Well, I had a very good surprise this past Saturday when my sister & brother in law (and their three daughters) walked through the door to my workout class at the church. It was pay backs for not telling "D", my sister in law, that we were going to phoenix back in June - and showed up surprising her. I was completely shocked & thrilled to see them.

We have been spending a TON of time together at my in laws house who live about 15 minutes away. I LOVE family time and cherish every minute of it, so that is why you haven't been seeing many posts! But... I have still been working out!

Since I completed the book last week, I revised my workout routine. This is my fourth time through the book. Here is my plan:

Monday: Book Workout
Tuesday: 30 Day Shred DVD + evening run
Wednesday: Off Day
Thursday: Book Workout
Friday: 30 Day Shred DVD + evening run
Saturday & Sunday: Off Days

Here is what I have done this week so far:

Monday: Book Workout (Day 1)
Tuesday: DVD workout (Level 3)
Wednesday: It's my off day, but since I haven't been eating the best I ran 3 miles.
Thursday: Book Workout (Day 2)

*I have actually got some bonus workouts. My sister in law and I have been fighting over this little tiny soccer ball for years now. Well, we have wrestled for it twice now. When I say wrestle I mean rolling around, jumping on each other's backs, pushing & pulling in all sorts of directions wrestle. Of course it's all fun in games, but we have come out with scratches, pulled hair, and I even busted her in her jaw with my elbow (it was a complete accident). There will be pictures for you to see just how physical and intense our wrestling sessions get! I'm sure we burn mega calories! Oh did I mention that I've won both times that we have wrestled!!

I have been trying to stick to my diet as much as possible, but we have been eating over at my in laws a lot. My mother in law has been great at giving me healthier options, but there are times where I feel like a pain for being the one who has to eat differently than everyone else, so I just eat what they eat. For example: Tacos (But I did choose a whole what tortilla), Bites of brownie that I shared with my son & daughter, & pulled pork (cooked in the crock pot with Bar-B-Q sauce). I haven't felt too guilty for this because to me, it's about being with family.
So, I just wanted to give a quick update letting you all know what was going on. Thanks for being patient!