Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fab Ab Moves

This week is my last week through Making the Cut (for the fourth time). I did another book workout today (Day 30), and plan on doing Day 29 & 30 again on Thursday and Friday. Honestly I didn't feel like today's workout was hard enough for me, so I ran sprints for 15 minutes after my 40 minute workout. Afterwards I was wondering what in the world I thinking!!!

I love learning different moves, so today I wanted to share some great ab workouts. Here are some of my favorite "Ab" moves to do. Two of these moves target your obliques (the side ab muscles).

This is a form of the side plank position. Lay on your side propping yourself onto one forearm. Using your core strength push yourself up into a straight line (Pictured in the second picture). Slowly lower yourself into starting position and repeat.

This too also works the obliques. As you can see in the picture I like to put my feel up against a wall. This helps me to stay balanced so that I can concentrate on my abs. Lay with your side on the body ball. Let your body kind of hang over a bit. Put your arms behind your head (this makes it harder). Using your side muscles pull yourself up. Hold for a count and lower yourself back down to starting position & Repeat.

This is what they call a Pike Crunch. Lay with your abdomen on the ball and slowly roll yourself forward until you feet and ankles are on top of the ball. (Your body should be in push up position with your feet on the body ball). By contracting your abs, slowly bring your knees into your chest. Hold for a count and bring them back to starting position - Repeat.

Hope you're having a Fab Ab day!


Sara said...

sweet moves! thanks:) i always like new ab stuff, and now that i've gotten my exercise ball out, i like stuff to do with that too!!.. i started "making the cut" today! well, it was a weird day to start--tuesday... so, i'm not sure how this first week will pan out.. but i'm hoping to make it a routine!... do you think it will still be beneficial for me to do, even if i don't do it in consecutive days. for instance, if i go to the Y w/ lexy, we usually run.. our time is limited when we go, and i really want to keep up my stamina w/ running anyway.... so, my thought was to incorporate the book when i workout at home--what do you think??...

Sarah said...

I think this is a plan for you. Running helps to shed the pounds, but you also need to build muscle to help burn the fat.

Making the Cut is designed to have strength training and cardio mixed together - which you will notice in her circuits. This is one of the best forms of workouts to do. You might not think you're getting your cardio in, but there are some days that I'll be doing a strength move and I can hardly breath because it's also a cardio move! (If you know what I mean). But I do understand how you feel about running, which is why I do an evening run sometimes.

Feel free to ask any questions along the way. I'll answer them as best as I can!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I'm so sorry you were linked up wrong! I fixed it!

and you look awesome!!!