Friday, October 31, 2008

Fit Friday Week # 2

This week I finished Making the Cut for the fourth time. I will be starting it again from the Beginning on Monday. Here is what my workout week looked like:

Monday: Making The Cut Book Workout Day 29
Tuesday: Making The Cut Book Workout Day 30 followed by 15 minute sprints on the treadmill
Wednesday: Off Day
Thursday: Making The Cut Book Workout Day 29
Friday: Making The Cut Book Workout Day 30 (this time upping the weights that I used)

I usually do pretty well on the diet. I eat a lot of the same meals through out the week. But on Monday I took the kiddos to my husband's work for their trick or treating on their floor at Edward Jones. For a 3 and 1 year old they got WAY too much candy, and I have eaten two pieces of it. Two Almond Joy bars to be exact because no one else in my family likes coconut!

Then to top it all off my husband was having a cookie contest at work. My husband has mastered the chocolate chip cookie - it's amazing, but there is one major problem... I have some serious issues with cookie dough. On my family blog I just recently participated in Missy's at It's Almost Naptime event with having our husband write 7 random things about us. Well here was my husband's #5 answer about me:

Sarah's Kryptonite is "Cookie Dough." She and I both have a sweet tooth, but this is Sarah's greatest weakness. She has a hard time resisting fresh chocolate chip cookie dough. She can fight the urge to eat the finished product but during the making of my chocolate chip cookies she enjoys a spoonful of the dough here and there. Here...and there. Here...and there. Here... and there (you get the point).

By the way... He got first place in that contest. Yes mam, they are that good!!!

I didn't do too terribly bad. And something that I do every week is give myself one free meal and one free dessert. I feel that this helps me to stay focused on my diet during the week, but since I had all that cookie dough I didn't get my free meal!

I have to say that I expected the scale to say what it did this morning since I lost 2 lbs in two weeks. Like I have stated before I have been doing this since June and now my body is getting too comfortable with what I'm doing, so it's slowing down in the weight loss area. So, I got on and the scale read 136 meaning that I didn't lose, nor did I gain. But I was really hoping to reach my goal of 135. Next week is a new week!

Also, a lot of you have commented on my abs. I have the outer definition, but I also want you to know that I can pinch two inches of skin and fat that still lays over them. Sometimes pictures can be a bit deceiving.

Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday. I TiVo'd it because the Biggest Loser people were on there. It showed the one and only female winner 6 months after winning and she still weighs 128 after previously weighing 234. My only question is where did all her "flab" go. For example, I have had two children maxing out at 182 with both of them. I can pinch all this extra skin that probably will never go away. So where was hers after weighing 234? She was in the skinny jeans and flattering top with absolutely NO muffin top! What in the world!!! But hey, I have to give her kudos for looking fabulous!


Rach@In His Hands said...

Ooo, I have a total weakness for cookie dough, too. Sigh.
Yes, I LOVE using my big exercise ball! I'll take a look at your post about using it.
I missed Oprah yesterday, but heard about it. I wonder to...where did that fat go?? That is Awesome that she's kept the weight off. Good for her!
Good to meet you, by the way...
~ Rachel

Sara said...

sarah, i LOVE your posts! have i mentioned that??:) you are doing SO great!!! you seriously amaze me!! i crack when i read about you having 2 pieces of almond joy candy! (i don't keep track of the extra candies--probably why i'm not dropping the weight like i want!) well, actually, i work in some chocolate--counting the calories--but not every piece is accounted for all the time!... anyway, you're doing GREAT!! and you look amazing!! love you, girl! thanks, once again, for inspiring me!:)