Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm a Jungle Gym

I realized that after yesterday's post. I made working out from home sound pretty easy. Don't get me wrong some days I can work out with very few interruptions. But that is not usually the case with two little Monkeys running around. Today was NOT one of those days.

When one monkey saw me doing my ab workout on the floor she ran at me full speed and plopped on my belly. Then when the other monkey say her, he decided it would be fun too. Soon I had both little monkeys climbing on me like I was a jungle gym. The pictures are blurry because I was trying to take the picture on my back with them two all over me.

They are the sweetest little monkeys who completely adore each other! I will forever be their jungle gym!

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Sara said...

how adorable! i was doing another ball workout (sort of) tonight and p was on my lap, then m was on my lap, and they all wanted to help me when i tried different exercises! it's cute:) the sweetest interruptions EVER!!:)