Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lets Get Ready to Rumble....

It all started with a nice & friendly photo

The first photo is a glimpse of the first night we wrestled. This is pretty much what it looked like, because Dani started it by jumping on my back trying to pry the ball out of my hand. She did not succeed at this attempt. The second photo is of the second night when I took off after her to pry the ball out of her hand in which I did succeed! Score: 2 Sarah - 0 Dani

Here we were taking a nice friendly photo and what does Dani do, well... She starts trying to get the ball back.

Here my very precious son is yelling for his Mommy. "Mommy, Mommy" As you can tell his Uncle Doug had to hold him back from protecting me. It wasn't until I looked up and told him that Mommy was alright that he started yelling, "Go, Go Mommy!"

Here is starts to get serious and we were ready to rumble, but No...

Doug steps in because he's afraid to see his wife go down AGAIN for the third time. Weak I say, Weak!

So after he takes off the ball that he pried out of a girls hand - he takes off with that smirk on his face. And my husband then decides to step in. We are all four fighting over one stinkin' ball - four very competitive people = not a good situation.

This is what the outcome was. No ball, but we know who remains on top!!!

My sweet, sweet son tried to break us all up. Here he is making sure that everyone was just having fun, and that's exactly what we did.
All said and done - I got some great workouts in by wrestling, and I've never laughed so much in my life. Thanks for a wonderful surprise Doug and Dani, along with a fabulous week. We love you and miss you guys already!


Sara said...

that is hilarious! great pics! and once again, you look AWESOME!!! one night jord and alexis were out here doing some laundry and they tried to give us some money for it... so, alexis and i were (sort of) wrestling to give the money to each other. i was in the laundry room trying to put the money in her pocket--we were getting kind of loud. z totally FREAKED OUT!!! i think he thought we were actually fighting or something! i felt horrible and so did lexy!! it took him a while to get over it and believe that we were playing! i have to remember how sensitive and literal he is!!!:)

Dani said...

Comment? Yea! I'll Comment! Here we go! As for your comment about us taking a nice and friendly photo and me stealing the ball, YOU said you wanted to make the pictures look realistic. I was just doing you a favor.

As for the score, 2-0, YOU ELBOWED ME IN THE JAW!!!!!! HELLO??? Tell the entire story!

And, the reason Doug jumped in is because he feared for my safety because of your violent tendencies! :)

And another thing, if the game was 2 Sarah- 0 Dani...why is it I went home with the ball...or did I? :)
I love you too babe and am so thankful that you are in my life. I wish you were 15 minutes away all the time! MUAH!!!!!!