Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where Can She Be?

Have you been wondering where in the world I have been? Well, I had a very good surprise this past Saturday when my sister & brother in law (and their three daughters) walked through the door to my workout class at the church. It was pay backs for not telling "D", my sister in law, that we were going to phoenix back in June - and showed up surprising her. I was completely shocked & thrilled to see them.

We have been spending a TON of time together at my in laws house who live about 15 minutes away. I LOVE family time and cherish every minute of it, so that is why you haven't been seeing many posts! But... I have still been working out!

Since I completed the book last week, I revised my workout routine. This is my fourth time through the book. Here is my plan:

Monday: Book Workout
Tuesday: 30 Day Shred DVD + evening run
Wednesday: Off Day
Thursday: Book Workout
Friday: 30 Day Shred DVD + evening run
Saturday & Sunday: Off Days

Here is what I have done this week so far:

Monday: Book Workout (Day 1)
Tuesday: DVD workout (Level 3)
Wednesday: It's my off day, but since I haven't been eating the best I ran 3 miles.
Thursday: Book Workout (Day 2)

*I have actually got some bonus workouts. My sister in law and I have been fighting over this little tiny soccer ball for years now. Well, we have wrestled for it twice now. When I say wrestle I mean rolling around, jumping on each other's backs, pushing & pulling in all sorts of directions wrestle. Of course it's all fun in games, but we have come out with scratches, pulled hair, and I even busted her in her jaw with my elbow (it was a complete accident). There will be pictures for you to see just how physical and intense our wrestling sessions get! I'm sure we burn mega calories! Oh did I mention that I've won both times that we have wrestled!!

I have been trying to stick to my diet as much as possible, but we have been eating over at my in laws a lot. My mother in law has been great at giving me healthier options, but there are times where I feel like a pain for being the one who has to eat differently than everyone else, so I just eat what they eat. For example: Tacos (But I did choose a whole what tortilla), Bites of brownie that I shared with my son & daughter, & pulled pork (cooked in the crock pot with Bar-B-Q sauce). I haven't felt too guilty for this because to me, it's about being with family.
So, I just wanted to give a quick update letting you all know what was going on. Thanks for being patient!


Dani said...

OK...I was completely agreeing with you until the last part when you were quick to claim the wins!!! And besides, you only throw the ball when I'm not looking. I will not admit defeat, however, I will give excuses as to why I haven't dominated this new division. You are Freakishly STRONG!!!! I thought I was tough until you jumped on my back, dislocated my jaw, sliced my hand open, and started rolling around in the grass. Only now am I starting to regain the feeling in my left arm. :) Did I mention she broke my nail too?

In all seriousness, I love being here and love goofing around with you. You are one of the toughest chicks I know and I admire your strength. I love being part of this family and wouldn't trade it for anything...even my jaw back to normal! I love you Sarah!!!
Love me.

Sarah said...

I am clarifying that I did NOT dislocate her jaw. I just added to her current jaw problems! But I have to say that I did do everything else! And can I say that you're not too shabby yourself!

Love You Girl, & you're a perfect fit to this family!