Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Weigh In

Well I really didn't want to weigh in today because of going away for an extended weekend with little exercise and not-so-healthy food.

Drum Roll Please...........

137 is what the scale read this morning. I actually lost 1 lb. I haven't lost any weight in a month now and it was getting a bit frustrating! This brings my weight loss to 18 lbs.

Here are three reasons why this might have happened:
  1. We did a TON of walking (pumpkin patch - where I jumped in a hopper with my kiddos, an air show, and then I ran one day I was there).
  2. Another thing that I think may have played a role in this is that I didn't have one diet soda while I was there. Here, I at least have one every other day, sometimes every day. But I never go over 1 can of soda per day. I LOVE Diet Dr Pepper and Coke Zero.
  3. I'm beginning to wonder if I shocked my body a bit by eating the not-so-healthy food while I was there. Sure I cheat, but I really cheated!

So, since I weighed in this morning I've been researching about Diet Soda. What do you all think about it? I will most likely be posting something about this. But I would still love to hear every one's opinion. Care to share?


Sara said...

that's GREAT! don't you LOVE that??!!... you're doing SO great, sarah! i'm proud of you!!!... about diet soda... i have done no research other than hearing from a reputable source how much the carbonation in soda is bad for you--as far as even weakening your energy level in order to workout. i used to drink diet soda, but realized i needed to make some drastic changes in order to get healthy (after three kids!) so, i cut it out 10 months ago!! it has been awesome! well, actually, it was pretty hard.. in fact, i have been tempted more in the last month than the whole 9 months prior! i think i was addicted, what do you think??... anyway, i think soda, in general, is terrible for you! (even though i truly love it!) i look forward to your research!!!

Joelle said...

wow!! that is GREAT!!!!!!! congrats! i, on the other hand, got on the scale this morning and it was BAD. so, our treadmill got fixed a couple of days ago, so it's time to start MTC. drew is going out of town for three weeks, so that gives me a good window to get started! also, the senator i work for is also a doctor and he says diet soda will rot your insides. so, i try to stay away from it, but I do need a good DC every once in a while.