Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weighing In

Well I did wiegh in, but I wasn't very happy doing it. I haven't lost anything in over two weeks. It's been fluctuating between 138-141. Granted my life style hasn't helped me in any way this last month.

I've done my workouts religiously every morning, but I know that I could have pushed myself harder instead of just doing them to just do them. Also, I have had family in town every week since September 12, and now I will be leaving to go visit my parents in Dallas on Thursday. I'm exhausted, but see family has been fun! But as we know when you have family get togethers you tend to not eat so well. I've eaten pretty well, but my sweet tooth sometimes gets the best of me.

So, now that I've plateaued and I'm so close to my goal weight of being between 130-135, I'm getting really frustrated. Needless to say, when I got on the scale and saw 139 this morning I chose to do Day 9 book workout from Making the Cut. I not only did it once, but I also went back and did two of the circuits again. In doing this I almost made myself sick - literally! I'm ready to crank it up a knotch and get the last bit of my weight off.

Since I will be leaving town on Thursday evening I plan on having a cardio day, which is my normal day off. I'm choosing cardio because I feel that my muscles need the time to recover from the last two days of Book workouts Day 8 & 9. Then I plan on doing another book workout on Thursday before hopping on an airplane. I will try to workout at my parents house, but I'm not sure how much I will be able to do. We will see!

Also, I'm going to beg you all for your encouragment. You all have been a blessing to me and you hold me accountable - which I LOVE!! But it's getting a lot harder for me, so I will desperately need the reinforcements pushing me along the way. I've been going at this rate for 4 months now and I'm beginning to get burned out, so that even makes it harder for me to push myself. So, again I will need the extra back up and I'm now holding my readers accountable for their support!! Thank you all!


Meghan said...

You ARE doing great! And it looks like you don't have too much farther to go - hang in there!

Joelle said...

Girl, you are doing great! but, don't over do it!! 138 is a GREAT weight and you look AMAZING. and how you feel is even more important!! be careful that you don't strain and over do it, or you'll get burned out or hurt!! oh, and i left you a little something on my blog! maybe that will cheer you up!

Sara said...

sarah, you have done amazingly well these past four months!! i'm SO impressed!!! also, you LOOK AMAZING!!!!!.... i know what you mean about getting a little burned out--it seems i go through phases of it.. i'm in one right--just plain exhausted and not really caring! i agree w/ joelle, it's important to see the positives of what you've been doing--how great you feel and look, and that you are taking care of the beautiful body God gave you!!! you are SO close to your goal weight, so i also want to encourage you to keep going! even if it slows down a bit, you can do it!!! w/ holidays coming up rather quickly, we're going to need to poise ourselves for the temptations ahead. i don't want to keep myself from having any sweets or treats, but i do think there is a healthier way to do these things--portion sizes, still watching calories, eating a little less of one course and saving room for dessert, just picking one or two things instead of the WHOLE TABLE FULL!!... plus, sticking to workouts as best as you can is a great thing! but becoming obsessed with it surely won't help things!.. there HAS to be a fine balance in all of this... you are doing AWESOME!!! and you are at least maintaining, which is always encouraging to me when i haven't been working as hard or as much and haven't been eating as well! it's good that our bodies are in that mode even when our minds aren't. i pray some encouragement for today! you work SO hard and you've done SO well, i hate for you to be discouraged! i'm here for you, i think you're amazing, and i admire your work and enthusiasm for getting healthy!! hang in there, friend!!! you can do it!! God gave you an incredible drive to accomplish things! one that i don't see in too many people!! i love you for that!! hope today was a great day and your trip to dallas is wonderful! i wish you were driving and you could stop in and see me:) love you, friend!! you're an inspiration to me!!!!