Friday, November 7, 2008

Fit Friday Week 3

I have been trying my hardest to shed off one stinkin' pound to reach my goal of 135. I even bumped up the weights that I used during some exercises and them saw the scale go up - which totally freaked me out on Wednesday. I obviously was building muscle, and if you don't know muscle weighs more than fat, but again I freaked out. So here is what I did to give my muscles a bit of a break...

Monday: Making the Cut Book Workout #1 (with increased weight); Evening run with Maximus - 1 Mile
Tuesday: Making the Cut Book Workout # 2 (with increased weight)
Wednesday: Day off - But freaked out!!! Evening run with Maximus - 1 mile
Thurday: Ran 2.25 miles on the treadmill in 20 minutes in the morning, and in the evening I ran another mile.
Friday: Making the Cut Book Workout # 1

It doesn't help that I have eaten some Halloween candy, and I've been preparing for my son's 3rd Birthday party this weekend. I had to experiment with something new, so I made Red Velvet Cake balls from Bakerella - and OH MY GOSH!!! Today I have to make them again, along with a Triple Chocolate cake that I'm decorating like Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales. So Yikes!!! Wish me luck over the weekend, because I'm going to need it!!

Also, the other evening I had a conversation with my husband, Kris. It went kind of like this...

Sarah: Why can't I get off the last stinkin' 6 pounds?!? I'm busting my butt!!

Kris: Hold on, I thought it was one pound? Why 6?

Sarah: Well, 6 pounds would get me to the weight I was when we got married.

Kris: So your goal weight really isn't a goal weight - it's a "pre" goal weight?!?

Sarah: Pretty much.

Kris: Why can't you just look at how far you've come? And you of all people know that the last few pounds are the hardest, so don't beat yourself up!

Can I just say how much I love this guy who always brings things in perspective for me. Of course after we had this little conversation I had to go and say "Why does it look like I've lost 19 pounds in my face and not my butt???" Honestly, you can really tell that I've lost weight in my face. Just check out the pictures below!

The top two pictures were taken in Phoenix in June, and the bottom picture was taken on Mother's Day.

Here is a picture of my face now - Can you tell a difference?

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One More Equals Four said...

I can totally tell you have lost weight and you look great! Even more important, you are getting healthy and that is even better! You are so blessed to have such a supportive husband! Good luck this week!

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

I can totally tell too! I can really tell in your face. Which is a great place to lose since that is what everyone sees! Great job!

I just left a comment for someone else about muscle weighing more than fat...I hope everyone else knows that as well....even if you gain or don't loss, but you've been working's still good!

Keep up the good work and we'll check back next week!

Posh Mama said...

You look really great! And what a great hubby! Sounds like you are doing good, 6 lbs is nothing! Good luck this week!

Mom: Fitness Junkie said...

I think you look FANTASTIC!

And GET OFF THE SCALE, girl Stupid thing lies anyway! HA HA! I literally gained 3 lbs. from Tuesday to Wednesday, if that makes you feel any better. Yeah, 3 lbs. But my size 4 jeans still fit, so I'm thinkin' I don't really give a rip about the number on the scale.

Sara said...

sarah, you look AMAZING!!! and that is hilarious and awesome about maximus!!.... you're doing SO great! i can't wait until i reach the point you're at!! i am getting closer--but have about 15 pounds to go instead of only 6!:) i know what you mean about the "pre" goal weight--i do that too:) because really, i'd like to lose about 20 more, but 15 will be awesome!!:) i love you and i'm SO proud of you!!!! (you do have a wonderful hubby! and good luck w/ the cakes-you're amazing!) we'll call you to wish n a happy bday--wish we were there!!:)

Meghan said...

Sarah- You make me laugh so hard! You look great, and I'm so proud of your hard work! Keep it up - you'll get there!

MamaHenClucks said...

Good for you! You look great (and I've always thought you look great!) and how sweet of your hubby. Don't they know us better than we know ourselves sometimes?

The Smiths said...

You look great - I can really tell in your face. Good job on the loss!