Friday, November 21, 2008

Fit Friday Week 5

This week was just like every other week for me workout wise, and I did well on diet too except for having more chocolate than I normally do. I will be blaming that on my lack of will power and my lovely "monthly" woman thing!

My workout schedule for the week:

Monday: Making the Cut Book workout Day 15
Tuesday: Making the Cut Book workout Day 16
Wednesday: Off Day
Thurday: Cardio Day (Interval run 4 miles)
Friday: Combination workout with Days 17 & 18

As for the scale... I lost another pound!!! That brings me to 134 lbs with the loss of 21 lbs. 4 more pounds to go before Christmas!

I strongly believe that anyone can lose weight by doing their own thing at home. I've actually posted about this topic before. Even thought I have lost 21 lbs my body is still not near as toned as I would like it to be. My three areas of concern are my buttock, legs (thighs), and the sides of my torso (AKA my muffin top). I know my legs and buttock need to be worked with heavier weights other than what I have at home and I'm not sure as to what I need to do about my sides - or even if it will ever change (without having surgery) after having two children. So... my husband and I decided to try to go to the gym together every Tuesday and Thurday evening.

We are doing this for many reasons. I listed my reasons above, but even though he works out almost every evening he feels like his workouts are rushed in order to get to work before the mad traffic rush. As for our children, I think they need to go to a child care besides our church nursery and their Nanny and Papa. And they need to learn to interact with other children without me standing beside them. So even though it's two days a week, I will be lifting pretty hard and then doing other things from home on the other three (Like running on the treadmill). I'm not sure when we will be starting this, but I know my body needs a change!

Well I'm anxious to see how all the other ladies did this week at Gettin' Hot of the Holidays. If you are too check them out at It's Almost Naptime.


Membership Required said...

Good luck this week at your new routine of adding the gym into the mix. Also good luck with your daughter being sick and all. and worst of times.

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Great job with the weigh loss! You can totally get those 4 pounds off before Christmas! Good Luck!

Life In Progress said...

4 pounds by Christmas? Sounds like it will be no problem for you! That is so great!

Good luck this week & Happy Thanksgiving.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...


My kids absolutely love the childcare at our Y. They beg to go there, which is great incentive for me!

Sara said...

sarah, i'm SO proud of you!! you truly are an inspiration!!! you can certainly do 4 lbs. by christmas!! WOW!!!! GREAT JOB!!:)

Sara said...

way to go, sarah!!! you're doing AWESOME!!:)