Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me (Early) & Fit Friday # 8

This pasted weekend my children had their first all-niter at my in laws house. I have been nervous about them being away from me for awhile now, so my in laws decided that an early Christmas gift would help keep my mind on the right track. And can I just say that it worked!!!

It just so happened that my father in law read my family blog where I participated in a Christmas tag and one of the questions was...

21. What do you want for Christmas? New Running Shoes, some new clothes (since I’ve lost some weight). I would LOVE a Wii but it’s just WAY too expensive (especially since I want wii fit too).


Now on a bad note. I spent the last 12 hours bowing down to the porcelain throne. My children had the stomack flu first and then I came down with it (and I can't believe that my precious children had to go through this). This week I also started taking my kids to the Y, which was great, but not so great when the pick up a bug. (It was either there or the church nursery.) But at least it only lasted 24 hours!
Anyway...I got on the scale this morning and it still said 133 lbs - so no lose, no gain.

Here was my workout routine for the week:

Monday: Lifted at the YMCA and did 1 mile of cardio

Tuesday: Ran 2 miles in the morning, and lifted at the YMCA in the evening

Wednesday: 1 hour of Wii fit while my children were sleeping

Thursday: Making the Cut Book Workout Day 25

Friday: Recovering from the Stomach flu.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Fit Friday Week #7

As I said a few days ago in another post, on Thanksgiving I actually saw 133 lbs on the scale. But since I pigged out over Thanksgiving along with going to the gym and lifting pretty hard it went up to 135 lbs. Well this morning I saw 133 again for the first time since Thanksgiving!!! Three more pounds before Christmas!!!

Here was my schedule for the week:
Monday: Making the Cut Book workout
Tuesday: Making the Cut Book workout
Wednesday: Ran 2 miles in the morning - went to the Y in the evening with Hubbie
Thursday: Ran 2 miles
Friday: 30 Day Shred Level 3

Now if I could just stop eating the sweets that have been lingering in my house!!!

As Missy talked about organizing her pantry, I started organizing my closet - because there really no need for me to have three different sizes of clothing in there - right!!! Well I came across a pair of pants that I bought two months after having my daughter because I couldn't fit into anything. It's kind of hard to tell in the pictures but I can actually pull them off and on without unbuttoning and unzipping them. Just look at how they fit me now!!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Does "Toning" Really Mean?

I have been absent for the past week, but for good reason. Of course for Thanksgiving, but also because my whole family has been fighting off what seems to be the never-ending cold.

On Thanksgiving day I actually saw 133 lbs on the scale and I was ecstatic! Then Friday after Thanksgiving my in laws wanted to watch the kiddos for the day so I decided to actually go to the Y and lift the heavier weights that I don't have access to at my home. I lifted and did cardio spurts in between, but I lifted pretty heavy on my legs. Upon leaving I felt fabulous, but 24 hours later was a completely different story. My legs haven't been that sore in a really long time, and then to top it all off I hopped on the scale - a BIG NO NO! It read 135! How on earth could I have gained 2 lbs in two days??? Then I read this article of Jillian's and it clicked. I was actually building up my muscle - which weighs more. And on top of that I wasn't giving my muscles the time they needed to recover. Take a look at the article. I found it really helpful.

What Does "Toning" Really Mean?

Let me just give a little clarification regarding the word "toning." The word has nothing to do with the size of a particular muscle; it refers rather to making a muscle lean by burning intramuscular fat, and conditioning the muscle for better performance.

You can't actually build muscle mass unless you're eating more calories than you're burning, but you can "tone" a muscle to make it leaner. To tone your muscles, you should plan to do weight training four days a week, working each muscle group twice a week, with two days of rest after training a particular muscle group.

For example, try:
Monday: Chest, shoulders, triceps, quads, upper abs, obliques

Tuesday: Back, biceps, hamstrings, glutes, lower abs
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Chest, shoulders, triceps, quads, upper abs, obliques
Friday: Back, biceps, hamstrings, glutes, lower abs
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Cardio

Remember, exercise is the architect, but recovery is the builder. You have to give your body adequate recovery time to heal itself and grow stronger. If you work out too often without resting, you'll just continue to break your muscles down.

(Michaels, 2008)