Friday, December 5, 2008

Fit Friday Week #7

As I said a few days ago in another post, on Thanksgiving I actually saw 133 lbs on the scale. But since I pigged out over Thanksgiving along with going to the gym and lifting pretty hard it went up to 135 lbs. Well this morning I saw 133 again for the first time since Thanksgiving!!! Three more pounds before Christmas!!!

Here was my schedule for the week:
Monday: Making the Cut Book workout
Tuesday: Making the Cut Book workout
Wednesday: Ran 2 miles in the morning - went to the Y in the evening with Hubbie
Thursday: Ran 2 miles
Friday: 30 Day Shred Level 3

Now if I could just stop eating the sweets that have been lingering in my house!!!

As Missy talked about organizing her pantry, I started organizing my closet - because there really no need for me to have three different sizes of clothing in there - right!!! Well I came across a pair of pants that I bought two months after having my daughter because I couldn't fit into anything. It's kind of hard to tell in the pictures but I can actually pull them off and on without unbuttoning and unzipping them. Just look at how they fit me now!!

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One More Equals Four said...

Congrats--that is great! And, may I say that I totally respect your being willing to show those pictures on your site! First, I would never let anyone take any of me like that because I would be too horrified at how I looked, second I wouldn't dare let anyone else see them! okay, now that I typed that it doesn't sound like I mean it to. You look great! Good for you, good luck next week!

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Great job! Those jeans are totally falling off girl! How exciting! Keep up the great can get those extra 3 pounds off in no time!

Sara said...

sarah, you're doing SO great!! i'm SO proud of you!.... i've gotten in quite a slump (as you have probably noticed!) the semester is wrapping up, and getting pretty crazy!! i'm planning on hitting it really hard these next two weeks--hope to get back into the blog world too!!! you're an inspiration!! love ya, friend!!!