Friday, January 30, 2009

A New Found Love

First I'm going to begin this post with this morning's weigh in. I anxiously got on the scale baring it all wondering if I was going to see it go up again. I gratefully saw 132 lbs, and boy was I excited. I am trying WAY to hard to get to 130, but hey, I'm trying!

Now as for my new love... Well actually I have two new loves this week. I took my very first cycling class this morning at the Y! I was Lucky enough to have talked to one of the instructors that I REALLY like after our Zumba Interval class on Monday who willingly rode right beside me and coached me through the whole class. At the end she said I did AWESOME! We rode around 20 miles in an hour and 15 minutes. I will now be attending her class every Thursday morning and her's I think is going to kick my butt!

As for my second love... I just discovered them last night at the grocery store and decided to give them a try. I am a huge fan of "mint" - Girl Scout Thin Mints, Mint Ice Cream, Peppermint Schnapps, etc. So I tried the Quaker Mini Delights - Chocolaty Mint. They are SO worth the whopping 90 calories in one bag! I highly recommend them and they are much better for you rather than reaching for a cookie or brownie, which I tend to do on occasion!

I also wanted to let you all know that Roni over at RonisWeigh is doing a food scale giveaway. Check it out below!

Check out the scale giveaway on Roni’s Weight Loss Blog! I can win an Affordable Food Scale from Eat Smart and so can you! Click here for contest details!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

So, How Many Calories Did I Burn?

I came across a site today that's pretty neat. I'm always curious about how many calories I burn. I know that a chart made for everyone isn't always the most accurate thing because every body is different. Someone with more muscle burns more than someone with more fat. A man naturally burns more calories than a woman... and so on. This being said, I still found this site pretty neat. It doesn't have you put in if you're a male or female - which I feel is one strike against it, but it does allow you to put in your current weight, and how long you did you activity. Once you do that you hit the "Show Me!" button and it supplies you with a broad range of activities and how many calories you burned doing them in the time that you did that activity. Pretty neat huh?? Click here to check it out. I have also put it into my sidebar.

It's just too bad it doesn't tell me how many calories I burn running 30 laps around my living room chasing my 3 year old son while holding my 20 lb daughter at the same time! My son always says, "Mommy you wanna run?" As if he's trying to tell me something!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fire Up Your Engines... Vroom, Vroom!

As you can tell by my previous post, I was not happy about my gain - at all! I feel as if my body has been in a slump for awhile now. Why is it that I bust my hiney everyday and my weight plateaus, or even worse, I start gaining? I begin to question myself... Is this where my body needs to be? Do I need to go to maintenance mode? Am I pushing myself too hard? Am I not doing enough? Do I need to change things up a bit? And on, and on. While I'm pondering these questions below is an email from Jillian Michaels Newletter. While I'm trying to "fire my engine up" read how you can do the same for yours!

Fire Up Your Engines

One of the keys to successful, sustainable weight loss is to keep your metabolism working at top speed, burning as many calories as possible. When you start to eat less, however, your metabolism will slow down in order to conserve energy. This is what causes the bane of every dieter's existence: the plateau.

Every dieter encounters a plateau at some point in the weight-loss journey, and sometimes the best policy is just to wait it out. Stick with your eating and exercise routines for a few weeks and your weight will most likely continue its downward swing. But there are also measures you can take to try to keep your metabolism fired up even as you eat fewer calories.

To begin with, you should never let your caloric intake drop below 1,500 each day if you're a man and 1,200 each day if you're a woman. Restricting yourself any further will bring your metabolism to a screeching halt. Also, don't go too long without eating. Four hours without food is a reasonable maximum. Don't skip meals, and always eat breakfast. This will keep your blood sugar stable and your cravings under control.

Another way to prevent your metabolism from slowing down is to vary your caloric intake from day to day. Your body can't adjust to a reduced caloric intake if your intake isn't fixed, so dig in, and remember that in this one case, inconsistency pays.

Michaels, 2008

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Weigh In... Oh the Weigh In!

I have been putting off this post long enough. I'm not going to lie, I'm NOT happy right now. Just two weeks ago I weighed in at 132 lbs and even before that I saw 131 lbs - which need I remind you that was 1 lb away from my goal weight of 130 lbs. Last week I left for Dallas, TX weighing 132 and I came back weighing 133. After seeing that I worked my tail off trying to get that one pound back off and then I weighed in Friday morning weighing 134 lbs. Yes, that's right... somehow I managed to gain another pound. I'm honestly sick to my stomach about it. I'm sure making the dessert below didn't help, but I don't think that only 2 slices of a 13 X 9 pan would make me gain 2 lbs.

Here is my workout for the week:

Monday: Flew back into town, but played a Volleyball game at our church.

Tuesday: Making the Cut book workout + ran 1.5 miles

Wednesday: Making the Cut book workout + ran 1 mile

Thursday: Ran 2.7 miles

Friday: Making the Cut book workout + an afternoon run of 2 miles

Also, the week before I left town I worked out 4 days in a row. Then I was in Dallas for 3 days and I worked out 1 time, but I'm sad to say that was it. But still I didn't give my body much time off, so my conclusion (my hopefulness) is saying that maybe I'm gaining muscle. In two weeks I've given my body 2 -3 days off and that's it. Jillian Michael's stresses in her book to give your body the "proper" time to recover after breaking down the muscle - enough time to give the muscle time to rebuild. I'm not sure I've been doing that the last 2 weeks.

This is what I'm hoping anyway, but my mind is playing dirty tricks on me and I'm stressing out about it. So, I took my measurements again (I haven't taken them in a few months). I am happy to say that I've actually lost a 1/2 an inch in some places and stayed exactly the same in others. I was really happy about this, but I'm still a little disappointed. The scale is a very mean thing!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Introduction...

I have really been on the hunt for some other inspiring weight loss blogs. My friend Hope told me about Roni's Weigh and so I took a look at it. HOLY COW is all I can say. This lady is the blogging Queen! She not only has 1 blog about her weight loss journey, but she has three: Her main blog, her food blog (Green Lite Bites), and a weight loss group blog (blog to lose). Roni has so much material that I haven't even gotten through everything. Some of her recipes sound delicious and I'm SO glad that I found someone who's posting recipes that are healthy! I recommend taking a look at it. Just click on her link in my blogroll. It's a bit overwhelming at first (in a good way) , but she's got a TON of good material!

Again, if you have any recommendation about weight loss blogs feel free to pass them on!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Scale Motivator

My husband and I were talking last night about feeling so unmotivated upon getting back from a "mini" vacation. Here is a brief recap of our conversation: I said, "Oh just wait until I get on the scale tomorrow morning and then I'll have some motivation!" And he said, "Why is that?" My response was, "Because when I get on the scale and see that I've gained weight it will motivate me to kick my own butt to get the extra pounds back off. And when I get on the scale and see that I've lost weight it makes me so happy that I tend to push myself even harder to see ever better ones!" His response *a chuckle and shaking of his head.*

So what motivates you?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

We're Gettin' Fit in This House!

This week has definitely had it's ups and downs for me. I am leaving town this evening to go and visit my parents in Dallas until Monday. I love visiting them, but I get very little - or no- exercise and eat WAY too bad while I'm there. So, I tried to plan ahead and work out a little more than usual, which kind of bit me in the butt! Here was what I did this week:

: Making the Cut Day 8, followed by 10 minute (1 Mile) run
Tuesday: Making the Cut Day 9, followed by a 6 minute sprint, and an evening 20 minute (2 mile) run.
Wednesday: Ran 3.25 miles
Thursday: Making the Cut Day 11

My body is definitely feeling the effects of working out too much without giving it a break. Luckily for it, I will have the next few days off. But by pushing it too hard I am more sore than usual *hence - not giving my body the "recovery" time that it needs* and I have bruised the left ball of my foot. On top of all that I weighed in this morning at 132 lbs. This means that I put on a pound from last week. Yes, I know this could be muscle, but I SO badly wanted to reach my goal of 13o!

Trust me, I'm not giving up hope - if anything, it's making me push myself harder.

Now, on a lighter note. As I have posted before, we got a wii and wii fit for Christmas. We absolutely love the thing in this house. "We" meaning not just my husband and myself, but my two small children as well. My son is very observant and he has watched how we play the games, so I figured he would be pretty good at repeating - which I was right. But it was my 16 month old daughter that really surprised us. She's an observant little booger herself. This is now what we're doing for family game nights and we LOVE gettin' fit in this house!

Monday, January 12, 2009


As of Friday's weigh in I was 131 lbs, which mean that I lost 2 lbs last week - I was totally amazed. Well, since the weekend came and went, and being that I wasn't on my best "eating" behavior this weekend, as of this morning the scale went up one lb. I would like to blame it on my "monthly" thing, but I just couldn't seem to keep my hands off the sweets. I guess will see what happens at the weigh in on Friday!

This being said, I am still so close to my goal weight. I was just talking to my husband about this last night. I feel kind of clueless at to what I'm going to do once I reach my goal. Of course I don't want to just stop because then I'll see some of those unwanted pounds come back on and then I'll be back to square one. So, I plan on sticking to Making the Cut and doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred DVD 4-5 days a week, but I'm not going to have to push myself near as hard - because again, I'm maintaining.

I have also come to the conclusion that everyone loses weight differently. And to me getting healthy is vitally important, so that is why I have started a search for other weight loss programs. I have added some Website links tabs on top of my header so that people can go a take a look and see what works for them best. Along with this, I have been searching for other inspiring weight loss blogs.

Since starting my weight loss blog back in July it has been a staple for me to lose weight. So, why not find some other inspiring weight loss bloggers - Right??? After doing a lot of reading I came across one that I thought was amazing and I am now sharing it with you all.

She is a 32 year old mother of 4 who has said that she has struggled with her weight most of her life. She made the decision to join weight watchers and has done tremendous. Tremendous meaning 56 lbs to be exact!!! Did I mention that she is HILARIOUS! I read her whole blog last night and my husband kept looking at me wondering what I was laughing at. Just take a look at her header when you visit her blog and you'll know what I mean.

She has gone through a complete transformation inside and out. She is very honest and open and has been such an inspiration to so many people - even her own husband who as lost 50 lbs himself. I know that I'm not doing this beautiful woman justice, so just go see for yourself! Trust me, it'll be worth it!

If you know of any other inspiring weight loss blogs please let me know about them so I can do the same for them!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fit Friday Finale

It has been a long journey for me, and it's still an ongoing journey. But I gaurantee that I couldn't have done it without all of you.

We began Fit Fridays (Gettin' Hot For the Holiday) on October 17. I have to remind everyone that I got a head start on my weight loss prior to doing this. Upon joining this group of amazing women I weighed 137 lbs (Click Here to Read my first Fit Friday Post). As of this morning I weighed... Drum Roll Please... 131 lbs. So I have lost 6 lbs since beginning Gettin' Hot for the Holidays, and 24 lbs since beginning my weight loss journey.

I have worked so hard the months of doing Making the Cut (which I highly recommend). It has honestly changed my life, and I never want to go back to the old me. I have one more pound to lose and then my goal is to tone up some more... Basically to look more like Jillian Michaels - HA!

Below are two pictures of what I looked like prior to losing ANY weight. These were taken in June/July.

Below is a picture of what I looked like when I first started to Get Hot fo the Holidays.

And finally are two pictures of what I looked like just yesterday morning!

Below I'm giving my best impression of the fabulous Jillian Michaels (From her cover of Making the Cut) Just take a look at the post directly below this one!

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support. I look forward to continuing on with you all.

If you would like to see how all the other women did, go check them out at It's Almost Naptime.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just Playin' Around

Today was Day 4 of Making the Cut. Being that this is my 7th time through the book I have notices a HUGE difference from when I first started. I'm actually adding to the workouts a bit (doing two sets of some of the exercises, adding more reps or more weight to some of the exercises, etc). Today it made me feel strong for the first time, so I got in a corky mood and took some funny photos.

This is my "I'm feelin' Strong" Pose

This is my "Don't mess with me" pose

And this is my best Jillian Michaels Pose, minus her hot body. (Take a look below)

I am so badly trying to get her muscle definition. To bad my career isn't being a personal trainer or it might be a bit more realistic for me!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again...And Body Type Poll!

Well today was Day 1 of Making the Cut. This will be my 7th time through the book and my goal is to shed off my last 3-4 pounds to get me to 130 lbs. Once I reach that goal I will continue to maintain while toning.

To me, there is a big difference between being "skinny" and being "Fit" & "Toned". I would love to be so toned that you could see my muscle definition without even flexing.

Now I found some photos to give you a better idea. By no means do I think that these women aren't beautiful in any way shape or form, because trust me if I had any of their bodies I would be on CLOUD 9!!! I just like the "fit & toned" look a bit better.

Here are my examples of women who I think are "skinny" - but again they are still gorgeous...

The mysterious, yet beautiful Keira Knightley

The hilarious and exquisite Kate Hudson

Below are two women that I think are also gorgeous, but I LOVE their toned bodies.

The Athletic yet still feminine Jessica Biel

And the evil, yet soft hearted fitness guru, Jillian Michaels

I will state it again. I think that each one of these women are beautiful in their own way. So now I want to see what you guys think. Which body type do you prefer?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jumping Lunges - I still Hate them!

Since I'm not starting Making the Cut again until Monday, I've been doing my own workouts - which are still pretty similar to Making the Cut. Today I did a ton of arms and shoulders, followed by squats and walking lunges, topped off with jumping lunges. There was also a mixture of cardio in between there. But I followed it all up by running two miles and then some ab work. I've been getting pretty frustrated with myself due to my lack of motivation (Christmas and New Years played a big role in this). I am praying for change of attitude!

Below is a video of how to do jumping lunges. As much as I hate them - they work great! They are a great left/glute workout while also getting in some cardio. Again I hate them, but I recommend them.