Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just Playin' Around

Today was Day 4 of Making the Cut. Being that this is my 7th time through the book I have notices a HUGE difference from when I first started. I'm actually adding to the workouts a bit (doing two sets of some of the exercises, adding more reps or more weight to some of the exercises, etc). Today it made me feel strong for the first time, so I got in a corky mood and took some funny photos.

This is my "I'm feelin' Strong" Pose

This is my "Don't mess with me" pose

And this is my best Jillian Michaels Pose, minus her hot body. (Take a look below)

I am so badly trying to get her muscle definition. To bad my career isn't being a personal trainer or it might be a bit more realistic for me!

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