Thursday, January 29, 2009

So, How Many Calories Did I Burn?

I came across a site today that's pretty neat. I'm always curious about how many calories I burn. I know that a chart made for everyone isn't always the most accurate thing because every body is different. Someone with more muscle burns more than someone with more fat. A man naturally burns more calories than a woman... and so on. This being said, I still found this site pretty neat. It doesn't have you put in if you're a male or female - which I feel is one strike against it, but it does allow you to put in your current weight, and how long you did you activity. Once you do that you hit the "Show Me!" button and it supplies you with a broad range of activities and how many calories you burned doing them in the time that you did that activity. Pretty neat huh?? Click here to check it out. I have also put it into my sidebar.

It's just too bad it doesn't tell me how many calories I burn running 30 laps around my living room chasing my 3 year old son while holding my 20 lb daughter at the same time! My son always says, "Mommy you wanna run?" As if he's trying to tell me something!!!

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