Thursday, January 15, 2009

We're Gettin' Fit in This House!

This week has definitely had it's ups and downs for me. I am leaving town this evening to go and visit my parents in Dallas until Monday. I love visiting them, but I get very little - or no- exercise and eat WAY too bad while I'm there. So, I tried to plan ahead and work out a little more than usual, which kind of bit me in the butt! Here was what I did this week:

: Making the Cut Day 8, followed by 10 minute (1 Mile) run
Tuesday: Making the Cut Day 9, followed by a 6 minute sprint, and an evening 20 minute (2 mile) run.
Wednesday: Ran 3.25 miles
Thursday: Making the Cut Day 11

My body is definitely feeling the effects of working out too much without giving it a break. Luckily for it, I will have the next few days off. But by pushing it too hard I am more sore than usual *hence - not giving my body the "recovery" time that it needs* and I have bruised the left ball of my foot. On top of all that I weighed in this morning at 132 lbs. This means that I put on a pound from last week. Yes, I know this could be muscle, but I SO badly wanted to reach my goal of 13o!

Trust me, I'm not giving up hope - if anything, it's making me push myself harder.

Now, on a lighter note. As I have posted before, we got a wii and wii fit for Christmas. We absolutely love the thing in this house. "We" meaning not just my husband and myself, but my two small children as well. My son is very observant and he has watched how we play the games, so I figured he would be pretty good at repeating - which I was right. But it was my 16 month old daughter that really surprised us. She's an observant little booger herself. This is now what we're doing for family game nights and we LOVE gettin' fit in this house!


Erin said...

WoW Sarah. I am so impressed with your motivation/dedication. 130, that is so awesome and your almost there. I need to get on this train. I haven't weighed 130 since...uhm yeah. Keep it up girl.

Tami said...

Whoa - your 16-mo-old plays the Wii Fit? We just got one and I can't figure out how to get the 3-yr-old and the 20-mo-old to be able to use it. Tell me your secret!

Sarah said...

I saw your question on my blog and thought I would respond on yours and on mine.

My 3 year old son has just watched my husband and I do it and picked up on it. We do have to help him with some things. He loves the fish balance game on the ice berg and the ski jump game. My daughter (16 months) does the ski jump game as well, but she’s only 20 pounds, so I put my foot down in front of her and lift up when she’s supposed to extend. She goes through all the motions – trust me, we were VERY surprised when we saw her do it the first time. She too like the fish game, but she just steps back and forth.

They’re observant little kiddos, so as long as they watch you do it I’m sure they will pick it up in no time!