Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Arm Exercises

There was someone at Fitness Friday who asked about arm exercises. Sometimes there are so hard to describe, to this morning I took photos while I was working out. If you don't know exactly what I'm doing feel free to ask in the comments section and I will try my best to help you out. *Please excuse my dear in headlights facial expressions. When I'm lifting I tend to concentrate too hard :)


Below is a demonstration of a basic Bicep curls. I'm showing you a side and front view:

This is another bicep workout, but it's called hammer curls. Turn the dumbbells so that they are up and down and then curl them. Again and side and front view:

This exercise is working the upper arms and shoulders (Deltoids).

Same thing goes for this one, it just works the muscle in a different way (more the front upper arm):

This is a lateral shoulder raise:

This is a basic shoulder press:

Triceps are one of the hardest muscle groups to train, so don't be discouraged if you don't see changes right away.

Below I'm demonstrating "kick back". You can either do them one arm at a time (which I recommend), or both arms together:

This is an overhead tricep press. Again you can do one arm at a time, or both together:

These are dips! You can do the on a bench, chair, or even on the floor. The further out your feet are the harder. And, the higher your feet are the harder. I have to say that these are my favorite:

What people don't know about push ups is that your not just working your chest muscles, but that you're working all of the arm muscles too.
Below are three different push ups you can do:
The first is what you hear called the "girl" push up - there is absolutely nothing wrong with dropping to your knees!
The second is the standard push up.
The third is the most difficult one of placing your feet on something like a body ball, bench, or stool.


Get creative with a resistance band! I put it over the top of a door to do lat pull downs, and around the base of my treadmill to do cable rows. Below I'm doing bicep curls in the first picture, and shoulder presses in the second.

Here I'm doing over head tricep presses:

Again, feel free to ask me if you don't understand how I'm doing an exercise. I really hope this helps you all! Good luck!


Jill said...

Thanks so much Sarah for posting the pics. It always helps me to have a visual. So I'm guessing the the exersizes that work the triceps are the ones that would target the underarm "flabby" area right?

Jenn said...

There is also a site that a friend of mine told me about - http://www.myfit.ca. They have TONS of exercises and pictures for all of them. Almost any exercise you think of, it's on there. Hope that helps too :-)

Sarah said...

Jill - yes the Tricep exercises help with the "flab" on the back of the arms. But... yes there's a but...I wouldn't only work one side the arm. You need to work all mucles groups, and maybe do a few extra reps for heavier weights for your triceps.

Jenn - thanks for the cool site.

Leslie said...

I also love doing concentrated curls for biceps, and tricep pushups for the hard to tone triceps! Or, you could be like my hubby and use your small child as weight when doing overhead tricep press!

LisaShaw said...

Thanks Sarah. Some of these I already do but will add the ones you've shown. Bless you.