Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Our Society Does to Us!

I've been debating on posting about this for awhile now. Can I just say that I am discourage by what our society portrays to be the "ideal" body. It seems like once a month (sometimes more often) we hear about a celebrity in the news that has either gained a few pounds, or has lost too much weight. Jennifer Aniston's dealt with it, so has Keira Knightly, Kate Hudson, Oprah, Britney Spears... and on and on! Just recently (as I'm sure you've heard) Jessica Simpson has been bashed hard in the media for putting on a few pounds. By no means do I think that she deserves this - No one does, I don't care if their a celebrity or not, they are still human and have feelings.

No one stays at their "peak" (best body form) forever. Even Jillian Michaels says this. So, just because someone puts on a few pounds doesn't dub them as "Fat" or overweight. The goes beyond frustration for me, and I just wanted to share my feelings about it with all of you.

Care to share how you feel about this topic? Let me know by commenting!

Below is a picture of Jessica when she was preparing for the Dukes of Hazard movie. She looks fabulous.

Below is a more recent picture of Jessica after one of her performances. She still looks fabulous.

Obviously weight is a topic that sells. Her picture is now on every magazine known to man kind.


Natalie said...

My honest opinion is her clothes are horrible!! anyone would look fat in that outfit! What happened to the stylist and no more MOM jeans rule? I have seen bigger girls look sexy hot in the right outfit so poor Jess :(

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I got SOOOOOOO irritated at People Magazine when they did this huge thing on JLo right after she had her twins. She was in a freaking taffeta ballgown, looking gorgeous, holding them in their $1000s nursery, all skinny and perfect.,,20185328,00.html

I literally laughed. As if that is what a mother of a newborn looks like!! Much less twins!! But teenagers see that and think that is reality!

Which is why I equally loved the pictures that Brangelina did after their twins were born. She was in a nightgown, their other kids looked like kids, and Brad had on a t-shirt and was unshaven. I mean, they still looked gorgeous, but it was so much more real.

So I guess that is my main pet peeve, is when magazines show a woman 4 weeks after giving birth and she looks perfect (like Nicole Kidman). It's not realistic or healthy.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

PS - I think her body looks fine, but what's UP with those Mom jeans??