Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gettin' Fine in '09 Challenge Week 6

Those of you who are still in this (which I'm not quite sure about some of them on my blog roll) - can I just say how proud I am of you all for making it half way!!! Keep up the good work and hang in there. 6 more weeks to go!

As I told you all before I had family in town for 2 weeks straight. Don't get me wrong, I am ALL about family time. But again, it's really hard to eat healthy all the time. I was scared to death of what the scale was going to do even though I was still able to get my workouts in. I was even able to talk my wonderful sister in law Dani into going to Zumba class with me! Spinning she would not do, but Zumba she did! And she loved it (except for the song where we did squats throught the whole thing).

Anyway, me being my paranoid self got on the scale everyday since Sunday. I have only been trying to get on the scale 2-3 times a week at most! But all week long I saw 131, 132, 131, 132. Hey - I have to say that I'm alright with this being that I had cake, chips (which I NEVER eat), cookies, cake balls, wine, and on and on!!! Just the other night my husband said, "You never do this to your body, it needed a good shocking!" I'm hoping that's what it did - I would LOVE just to see 130!

Here is my workout schedule this week:
Sunday: Ran 3 miles (burned 500 calories)
Monday: 1 hr Zumba class (burned 700 calories)
Tuesday: Off day
Wednesday: 1 hr spinning class (850 calories)
Thursday: 1 hr spinning class (1000 calories) It was all up-hills and sprints - killer!
Friday: I plan on working out with my best friend (cardio and weights)

So How did you all do??? Don't forget to leave me a comment so I can go take a look and see how you weeks went.


Membership Required said...

sarah I have been working out but hadnt posted for one reason or another. Here is my specific blog for my weight loss. Please list me on the blog roll as this and not meet me in the clubhouse. Thanks.

Membership Required said...

opps I guess that would be the address and my blog name is thirtysomething. So place that as my roll name.

Leslie said...

That is great that you got all your workouts in while family is in town, I know I tend to put them
on the back burner when we have family in. I really didn't want to get on the scale today because I have only worked out once this week! But, I lost .8 pds! Pretty exciting since I haven't really worked out. I will try and put a new post up, but don't be surprised if I don't. We are having our daughter's first birthday party tomorrow, so I have to get everything prepared! Good luck to everyone this week!

Dani Joy said...

You inspire me girl!! Gonna get burnin those calories!
I love your post about what to eat before work outs. I needed this.
Gotta get back to basics.
I welcome any helps you can think of for me while I travel next week. I am planning on buying lots of fruits and nuts to snack on and bring my weights. I am planning on running but I must say that is my least favorite form of exercise.
wish I could work out with you!

Dani Joy said...

I did post... it was a little late in the day.. but it got up there. ;) come on over and help me out. LOL!