Friday, March 6, 2009

Gettin' Fine in '09 Week 4

I been doing some researching this week that I will eventually share with all of you. Things like, "What are the target heart zones?" "Burning Fat vs. Burning Muscle?" "Calorie Eating" etc. So, if there is anything that you guys have questions on - just ask me and I'll do a little research!
I want to start putting up more informative information rather than just "my" progress.

But speaking of progress... how did you guys do this week? I decided to really keep track of my calories in and calories out just to see where I'm at each day. Here is what it looked like:
*Keep in mind that BMR calculated to be 1393 (this is what my body burns without be doing anything).

Monday: Interval Cardio training mixed with free weights (Burned 700 calories). Daily calorie intake was 1375

Tuesday: 1 hr aerobics step class with weight training (Burned 650 Calories). Daily calorie intake was 1435

Wednesday: 1 hr cycling class (Burned 950 calories). Daily calorie intake was 1415

Thursday: 1 hr cycling class (Burned 1000 calories). Daily calorie intake was 1500.

Friday: 1 hr aerobics and weight training session (Burned 850 calories).

As of this morning I still weighed my usual 132 lbs. I know that I'm being too hard on my body. Being a woman my menstrual cycle is usually right on track, but this month it arrived a week early, and February was a short month. With this happening I know that I'm being to hard on myself. I'm trying to rethink how I'm going to workout to get "fit" in a "healthy" way without thinking that I have to push myself to burn more calories... because honestly, that's just not working for me!

Let me know how you all did this week. Some of you are being VERY quite and I would love to hear from you. And don't forget to ask me questions! Remember that just because something doesn't work for me doesn't mean that it won't work for you!


Sandy at God Speaks Today said...


I don't know a lot about work outs messing with your menstrual cycle, but I know that when I did BFL this last time, mine was all off schedule too. Let's just say I did a few emergency trips to Target to pee on a stick. :)

I realized I was working my body way too hard.

I think it's great you are going to do some informative posts. I love that.

If you ever want to link up with me on Fitness Friays, I would love to coordinate with you.


JnL4God said...

I too think you might be working it too hard. Years ago I was very active also but at that time in my life I didn't have a weight problem. :) Right now I'm doing 3-6 workouts a week of high intensity aerobics, that are only 20 mins. I do it longer some times but not on a regular basis. I'm not counting calories so it is hard to compare, but I will guess that I am taking in approx 1500-1800 Calories with 25 or less grams of Fat and 35 or more grams of Fiber. I have been losing at a rate of 1/2 lb to 2 lbs a week.
Now there were two weeks that I didn't eat that much I was going to really take it off ha ha. I worked out 6 times times those weeks 2 of which were 30 mins, and I only ate approx 1200-1500 cals a day. I only lost 1/2 lb one week and .4 lbs the next. If I go ahead and eat my alotted points, I loose better. Don't know how that works it just does.
Also, I've been told that it is important to examine what we are eating in two ways. 1st, you may be only eating 1500 cals, but what is in them? Do you have enough complex carbs and protein especially where you are working out so much. 2nd Our bodies get acustomed to what we eat. Try a differnt meal plan. If you normally have ceral for breafast have an egg and toast. If you normally have a sandwich for lunch have a salad and baked potatoe.

I am no expert and I went through a lot of time being way too hard on myself for not loosing more each week. Now I know that if I just keep going it will come off. Now I give it to God. I do what I can do (try to eat right-and exercise when I can) and God will do what I can't do.

Hope I didn't go too long just want to lift a sister up.

I'll have my post up later.

Leslie said...


Sounds like you may have plateaued. I feel like that it what is happening with me, so this week I just mixed my routine up a bit. I only did cardio 2x and didn't do any weight lifting and I lost 3 pounds! Sorry I haven't had time to get a post up I have been super busy trying to get all of my kids old clothes ready for a consignemt sale! Hope you have a better week, at least you are maintaining and not gaining!

Contreras Boys said...
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Dani Joy said...

Even though you all are on week 4 or 5 can I join in? I started the second week of Jan. about the 16th so I have been at it for 2 months now and have gone from 163 to 150.
That´s 13 lbs. I didn´t measure myself but I have toned up a lot as I am doing HIIT and lifting weights on the slower intervals.
It has been very rewarding.
I think I am hitting a platau though and would love any helps available. I don´t know how to count my calories too well. I have cut out all refined sugars and eat mostly whole wheats and fruits and veggies. I do have some sugar free chocolate when I need a treat. ;) it´s helped me through and some sugar free yogurts.

I do have a before picture, right before I started.

Just let me know if I can be a part.

Dani Joy said...

Oh I am 5ft 3 in and my goal is 125 pounds. I haven´t seen that weight since before I was married.

Dani Joy said...

I had a question about the calorie intake and exersize... Is it possible that the fat is turning to muscle and you just don´t have as much fat to lose anymore? Anyway ... I still wonder how many calories should I eat to still be able to lose wieght. I realize they should not be empty calories.