Friday, April 3, 2009

Gettin Fine In '09 Challenge Week 7

This week I have been dealing with some sick kiddos. And just yesterday I think I started getting what they have. Let's hope it moves on quickly.

I still got in all my workouts this week. I called off working out this morning with my friends due to my kids not doing so well yesterday, plus I'm taking a little trip to the doctor.

This morning I weighed 131. And here is what I did for the week:

Monday: Ran 1 Mile, 1 hr Zumba Class (950 calories)
Tuesday: Off Day
Wednesday: 1 hr spin class, followed by lifting on my arms (900 calories)
Thursday: 1 hr spin class, followed by lifting on my legs (1050 calories)
Friday: If I feel better I'll try to run on my treadmill. We will see!!

To top it all off. My "womanly" thing came another week early! This happened last month. I'm never an irregular girl, so this is throwing me off a bit. People have been telling me that the intensity of the cycling classes can do that to you. And I got to thinking... I've been doing it since February, and since doing it my cycles have all been off - so there may be a little truth to it.

The bad thing is... I can't stay away from chocolate!!! YIKES!

Be sure and leave me a comment so I can go and see how you all did this week.

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Membership Required said...

so glad I started posting. Thanks for sharing. Love the eating tips too.