Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gettin' Fine in '09 Week 8

Well lets just say this week did not start off on a good note for me. On Friday morning I went to the doctor with my children who had not been feeling well. I too had a nasty sore throat. Turns out that I had strep throat and they just had nasty colds. Funny huh!

Then on Monday I completed my workout and somehow tweaked my back to the point that it caused an inflamed / bulging disc. It's taken 4 trips to the chiropractor to get it all straightened out. I have been able to run and do only certain exercises. So here is what I did for the week:

Ran 3 Miles
Monday: 30 Day Shred (Level 2), ran 1 mile
Tuesday: Off Day
Wednesday: Ran 2 miles, arm exercises
Thursday: Interval Ran (2 miles), arm exercises, walking lunges, and abs
Friday: I plan on trying the 30 Day Shred. If it's too hard on my back I will be running again.

So how did you all do this week. I looking forward to hearing all about it.

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Dani Joy said...

So sorry you hurt your back and got strep throat. What a bummer. Hope you are able to do the exercise next week.

I will post my results for the week here in a little bit.