Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gettin' Fine in '09 Week 9

Hey girls. I hope you all had great weeks. My back is healed and I've over my strep throat, so I was good to go this week! My weight went up a pound, but I figured that would happen due to not being able to push myself too hard last week - plus the fact that I can't seen to lay off the sweets! I'm tempted to just throw out ALL the Easter candy! I'm definitely a chocoaholic!

I actually started a running interval training program this week. One that I post about previously. (See my last post). It's a Lose Belly Fat 8 week program. I had to start at Week 2, because Week 1 wasn't hard enough for me. If your interested in joining me here is the link to the program:

I'm doing this on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

I'm lifting on my upper body and back on Mondays, on my lower body and abs on Wednesdays, and mixing upper and lower together on Fridays. Sundays will be my days off - God's day and family day!

On top of this I'm still planning on Spinning at least two day's a week (Wednesday & Saturday).

I feel that my body needed a change - you need to always keep it guessing!

Be sure and leave a comment. I want to see how you all did this week!

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Dani Joy said...

HI I loved these posts. I am going to def. use it as a ref. page when going out to eat. I found just taking the bread off helped so much!! Like I posted I lost 2 lbs on the trip! I was so excited. That was with eating at BK and another typical restauant.

Even after my free day I am still doing well. Didn´t loose more of course but I was at 147 this week. I really hope to get off 5 more pounds before June 23. I am going to Madrid to be with some friends. Want to knock their socks off. ;) jeje That would make 20lbs. Can´t wait.

I would like to try this interval training with you. let me look at it and see if I can handle it. You are a machine.

I will check out your family page too. I love pictures!

Have a great week!
Love the accoutability! You Rock!