Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who Works Out When They Have Strep Throat???

I DO - I DO!!!

I just found out Friday (after having a sore throat for 2 days) that I have strep throat. What amazes me is that my children and husband don't have it so where on earth did I get it???

I did manage a two mile run after coming home from the Dr's office, but I think it took every ounce of energy I had because below is a picture of me later on in the day. As you can tell - I was wiped! And my kids thought they still needed to climb all over me. My daughter, Avery kept rubbing my hair and bringing me my water bottle. She was just taking care of me.

1 comment:

LisaShaw said...

Aww, your kids are so adorable!

Feel better soon dear sister in Christ and don't over do it!!

Blessings and peace!