Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gettin' Fine in '09 Week 12 - The FINALE!

Hey to all you ladies who stuck with it! I couldn't be more proud!

I have had a pretty stressful week, but have still managed to workout. Here is what I did this week.

Monday: Making the Cut Day 1 (Yep, I'm doing it AGAIN!)
Tuesday: Making the Cut Day 2
Wednesday: 1 hour spin class
Thursday: Making the Cut Day 4
Friday: I'm planning on doing Making the Cut Day 5 if I have the time

I have chosen to do Making the Cut again because this is what started my whole weight loss journey in the first place. In 7 weeks I will be headed back to Phoenix, AZ which is where I saw the pictures that pushed me over the edge! Click HERE to see those pics.

NOW... as for the challenge. I am NOT going to go and heckle those that have not been posting. I know things come up in our everyday lives (like this week for me), but I'm not about to track you down to see what you've been up to. So, with this being said, it is up to you to post about the past 12 weeks. One thing that I definitely need to know is how much weight you have lost. You don't have to post pictures (which I do like) and you don't have to post your weight. Just your weight loss.

The person who has lost the most weight in the past 12 weeks wins the gift card.

I look forward to reading about them! Be sure and leave a comment!

Best wishes


Dani Joy said...

I did it! It took me forever cause I just wasn´t happy with how the pictures were turning out. I still looked huge! Anyway, finally got the right angle. LOL
We have to do another one. Maybe I could host one. I´ll have to think on that.

Debbie said...

Thank you for sharing your photos that caused you to have "that moment". Although you still looked cute in your AZ pictures, you experienced pain because that wasn't how you wanted to look. So, it motivated you to take action. And you certainly did take action and you look great!

I think many could learn from your experience. I didn't know your parents live in my neck of the woods!!!! I love how you help others by sharing lessons you learn. Keep it up girl and I hope this week is a good one for you.