Thursday, May 7, 2009

Working Out From Home

I have had a TON going on this week, so I am doing a re-run for all of you.
This re-run is about working out from home. I know that right now times are tough for people and gym memberships are sometimes the first to go. So, I wanted you all to know that I got almost ALL of my results from working out from home. I talk more about it in a previous post. It's doable - trust me! Take a look HERE.
Hop on over to see Sandy at God Speak's Today and Debbie at Heart Choices. I love reading their info.


Dani Joy said...

I didn´t get to read that one so I will def. go and read it.

I have yet to read Sandy´s Fitness post, but I´m gettin there.
Hope there were some good turn outs for the challenge!

You´re amazing!

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Great info sweetie! I left a comment on your other post too.

Love you!

Dani Joy said...

Lookin forward to the results! Do you think you will post all of the other´s results too. I think that would be so interesting. I don´t know who all was participating.
well, I look forward to upping my work out this week. incorperating the resistance bands! Can´t wait!
Hope you had a good Mother´s day!

Dani Joy said...

Hi, Sarah! How are ya? Thanks for coming over and all the wonderfully encouraging statements! It really made me want to work it more! I am so excited now about these resistance bands! I just biked over 500 calories off and then I started with my bands tonight! Thanks again!
You do look great and when I looked at your pictures with the bands, it really motivated me to work on my abs!!
Yes, that was a Rams shirt... an Allisya Milano "Touch" line of NFL shirt that my Hubby bought me for Christmas. He use to be a huge Rams fan back when Warner played for them. We followed Warner where he went though. We think he is a great testimony for Jesus and an incredible player! So thus we are huge Cardinals fans since he moved to the Desert. LOL Go Cards!