Friday, July 10, 2009

An Announcement...

Drum Roll Please.........................................


We received a contract on our house of the 4th of July weekend. We accepted it on Sunday night and we are to be out of our house in 2 weeks. Yep... I said that right 2 weeks! Actually now... A week and 2 days...

I thank you all for your prayers and support. God has a hand in EVERYTHING!

This being said, I have been a bit busy lately. I did however make time to guest post over at Sandy's God Speaks Today Blog. So if you haven't already seen it, head on over there!

Talk to you all soon! Now I'm off to pack... 40 boxes and counting!


Debbie said...

Oh Sarah, congratulations! I'm very happy for you. That didn't take very long either. It must have been God's will.

Dani Joy said...

OOO hoooo!!! Congratulations!! ARe you staying in the same city/ state?
You already have a house picked out and bought? Wow that was fast!

going over right now to read your post at Sandy´s.

Hope to write a post on Fitness today too. We´ll see. I haven´t given up. I hit 140 last week but fluctuated and now am back down to 142. Biking still, walking and even swimming. But summer hasn´t been as active as I would like.

I will prob. visit you over on your family blog too. wanna see pics of your new house. ;)

Have a great day!!

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Pack, pack away!!!!!

Hopefully, I'll be doing the same thing soon.

Love you, girl. And seriously...thanks so much for guest posting. I soooooo appreciate it.


LisaShaw said...

Praying still dear sister. Congratulations to your precious family.