Friday, August 21, 2009

A Day in The Life...

Here is a glimpse into my daily life. I pretty much have a routine with a few variations. I got this great idea from Sandy and God Speak's Today. Go check out her daily schedule...

7:00 AM: Crawl out of bed with my head pounding from my allergies and neck being stiff.

7:30 AM: Fix the kids breakfast and fix myself a bowl of cereal. (Kashi Go Lean mixed with a little natural granola & skim milk).

8:30 AM: After mustering up some energy, I put in P90X Kenpo DVD. Once I was done I was glad… 650 calories burned.

9:45 AM: Showered

10:30 AM: Snack: Half of a protein bar and milk. Got the kids in the car and headed to the Chiropractor for my neck. Then ran to the grocery store.

12:30 PM: Fixed the kids their lunch and warmed up leftovers for myself. Chicken Teriyaki stir fry over wild rice. Followed by a small piece of brownie with milk poured over it that I shared with my kids.

1:00 PM: Naptime, and my work time. Put the kids to bed and fixed my notorious 2 large cups of coffee & sat down to call some patients.

2:45 PM: Child # 1 wakes up and I set him up to watch a movie while I still work.

3:15 PM: Snack – Apple and Natural Peanut Butter

3:45 PM: Child # 2 wakes up and I’m now done working.

5:00 PM: Heading to meet my husband to pick out lighting for our new house while my father in law watches our kids. Upon meeting my husband he has a Quick Trip coffee ready for me – YUM!

6:45 PM: Arrive back home and the kids have already eaten. I fix myself a 3 egg white omelet with Fat Free Cheese and pepper. I then turned it into a sandwich on 2 pieces of low carb whole wheat bread and fat free mayo.

8:00 PM: Kids Bedtime

8:15 PM: Snack: the other half of my protein bar from earlier and some skim milk.

8:20 PM: Work time again – followed up with patients.

9:30 PM: Watched TV with my husband

10:00 PM: Played on Facebook

11:00 PM : Bed Time… FINALLY!


Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

You are SO on the wagon, girl. YOur day is so nice and balanced. I'm on a mission to get back in balance too. I feel a little stretched right now.

Thanks for the inspiration!


Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Oh, how do you like P90X?????

Debbie said...

Sorry I'm just getting over to visit your fitness Friday post. But I've been involved in Lisa's laying it all down as you know. It's been intense.

I enjoyed reading your schedule though. I need to email you privately to ask about the kind of work you're able to do from home in nursing. Is it CHF followups or something like that?

Dani Joy said...

So great!!! I will do one too! soon...
Hey, can I follow you on FB??? I so want to be in touch with you more. I know it´s my fault but I miss you.