Thursday, October 22, 2009

P90X Review

I’m telling you up front that this post goes hand-and-hand with Sandy’s at God Speak’s Today. She has just started P90X with her husband, and I on the other hand have just completed it!

Well for the last 90 days I have done P90X (hence the ‘90’ in P90X). Actually… I’m on my final week and I’m choosing to run all week because I’m out of town and training for a 10 K. But I would have done it if I was home, and what I can remember from the DVD’s I can still do here. Yep, I can remember a lot about those DVD’s since I did them so much. Especially the abs ripper!

Now before I go into this I want you all to remember that before beginning P90X I had done Jillian Michaels’ Making the Cut no less than 10 times, I was doing numerous spin classes a week, running 2-3 miles twice a week, among many other things. So, I was not going from being “out of shape” to “hard-core” training. With this being said if you have been working out regularly this is more than doable for you to do! The guy on the video shows you a least 3 different ways of doing the exercises.

I love it that you can choose which program you want to do: Classic, Doubles, and Lean. It uses the same DVD’s of course but just in different order, and Doubles is actually doing it twice a day – and I just want to know what Mom on earth has time to work out 2+ hours a day. So, I did the Classic.

Muscle confusion: That’s exactly what it does… It confuses your muscles so that they don’t get used to what you’re doing to them. I completely agree with this concept 100%.

Now, a 90 minute yoga session I do NOT agree with. When he’s telling me to “clear my mind” all I could think about is “What are my kids getting into?” I’ve only done it twice and lasted 30-45 minutes each time. Now when yoga day comes up I make it my running day, or just an “off” day.

I can’t really say anything poor about the rest of the DVD’s. I liked all the rest of them… some more than others of course. Unlike my friend Sandy (whom I adore) I like Kenpo. I mainly like it because I used to teach kickboxing when I was in college – so it was like reminiscing for me! I also always looked forward to Plyometrics day because I knew I would get a great workout from it. I can tell you that everyday that I did plyo my legs were so the next day! Same goes for the days that I did legs and back.

I also forgot to mention that for the first 3 weeks of the program I used a resistance band instead of a pull up bar. I personally think the pull up bar made a huge difference for me on the “back” days. I could not do a pull up prior to this, but I can now do 1. I know that it’s only 1, but I could never do one before!

Once I thought I was getting into the groove of things after week 4, they went and changed some things in week 5. This is where I did what I thought was the hardest work out of the bunch. Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps… It’s killer. I could do it, but it was hard and my arms were shaking by the end of it. Now also keep in mind that when I say I can do it, this mean I do 15-2o reps of pushup, only 6 of some pushups, and I can NOT do a single arm pushup at all unless I'm on my knees!

I didn’t do the nutrition aspect of P90X, I just did what I normally do in my every day “fit” life. I eventually do want to try it once my family gets settled into our new house in December. But by doing P90X I lost an ½ in – 1 in all over my body. My shoulders and arms are more toned. My husband says my thighs look more toned (this is my “trouble” spot), and my abs are a little more defined. It’s funny because on the days that I did heavy lifting I would weigh around 132 lbs and on the easier / more cardio days I would drop back down to 129 lbs. This tells me that my body was working on it’s muscle like it should be.

Another positive from doing P90X is that it helped me develop more stamina for running outdoors. I can run all day long on the treadmill, but outdoors is usually a whole new ball game. But after the first month of P90X I started running 2-4 miles outside and loving it. I surprised myself the first time I did it without stopping at all!

I really like it. The workouts are long. But as you do them you get more familiar with them which means you can start while Tony Horton’s still talking or giving a demo. It was a big change from me doing Jillian Michaels’ 20 minute Shred DVD’s to doing 1 hours DVD’s. You just have to decide if it fits your lift style.

I will be doing it again here soon. Because I am known to run a good thing into the ground… Like I said before, I did Jillian Michaels’ Making the Cut 10 times and it’s supposed to be a 30 day thing!

So there you have it… My insights into P90X. If you haven’t already go check out what
Sandy said about it.

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Sara said...

sarah, i'm SO proud of you!! i'm determined to actually DO the whole P90X!!! maybe once we get settled back home...:) anyway, when we were doing it, shane and i both tried to stick to their nutrition plan--well, as much as possible, depending on expense and time (for cooking, etc.) but i really think it helped out SO much! of course, i'm sure you already eat close to what their program is anyway. (i certainly wasn't at the time!) anyway, i'm really proud of you! you're such an inspiration to me! i'm so glad to be back in the blogosphere and getting this encouragement! love you, friend. miss you!

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Wow. You must be in excellent shape, girl. You are amazing. Thanks for the full analysis. It does help me a lot to see a real person at the end of the program analyze it.

Love you!