Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Lies Ahead...

This week I'm going to need some encouragement for many reasons. I've spoken so many times about accountability. For me, it's HUGE. Without it I don't know how I would push through all that I do.

On Saturday I run my first 10 K. I've been training for it for a while now, but my fall down the stairs set me back a bit. It wasn't until 2 weeks ago that I could run without shooting pains going down my back. This week I pushed myself pretty hard doing 2 a day workouts. Weight lifting on my upper body in the mornings and running in the evening. Today I ran the longest distance of 5.25 miles in 55 minutes. My goal is to run the full 6.2 in 60 minutes. But I will need some encouraging!

The second part of encouragement that I will need comes 3 days after my run. I'm having surgery and part of the recovery consists of me not lifting over 5 lbs for 8 weeks. I have not taken off more than 4 days off of working out in over 1 1/2 years - including when I hurt my back. So I'm praying for God to give me a peace of mind about all this.

This being said, my posts will change to healthy recipes, maintaining, and other healthy tips as well. Once I'm all healed up and moved into our new home in December I will be doing P90X once again!

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Debbie said...

Sarah, I so want to encourage you as you participate in this run. What a motivator you are, my friend. I so agree about accountability. It helps me to write these fitness Friday posts too. After all, if we write about it ...we must live it out.

But take the time needed after your upcoming surgery and don't freak out. Your body will need time to heal so that you can return to your exercise but only in due time. I don't need to preach to the choir as you're also a nurse but sometimes we need to hear it again about ourselves.

I am cheering you on Sarah!

Hugs and love from,

Sara said...

i'm SO excited about your run! you have worked hard, and you will do just AWESOME!! more than that, completing this run you have committed to will surely boost your confidence, and hopefully help to give you peace as you enter into a new phase for a few weeks while you're recovering... i have a few thoughts about your recovery time:

1. you deserve a break! i know you love working out and being healthy... but as we've talked about many times, there is so much more to being healthy than just working out! so, this will give you some time to focus on those "other things."

2. also, you have been going through a lot lately--not having your own home, waiting on the new house, hurting your back,not to mention just working and taking care of that beautiful family of yours!! so, i'm sure that even this will perhaps be a provision from God for all that's coming up--moving, settling, etc.

try to enjoy it... be patient with yourself and help get yourself ready and excited to dive back into P90X rather than mulling everything over and worrying about all the things you can't change anyway. remember to--you have many people who love you and believe in you, who are inspired by you and look to you for encouragement and guidance on their own journeys to healthy living. even in this down time you can still be an inspiration!! and most importantly, remember that God is in control, that He knew this would happen and look to Him for peace, guidance and strength as well.

i love you, my friend... and i miss you.... i'm SO excited about your run tomorrow and will be praying for you tomorrow and in the weeks to come.

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...


You are such a great example of determination. I have no doubt in my mind that you completed this run with amazing results!!! It was today, right??

I look very forward to your posts on maintaining and recovery. I think it's such a vulnerable time for so many people. It's when many of us fall off the wagon big time. So watching you ride it out will be very helpful.

Love you and will be praying for your surgery.