Thursday, November 5, 2009

Switchin' Gears to Maintenance Mode...

I’m officially on the mend, which means that I’m in maintenance mode for the next 8 weeks. The surgery went well but of course not without a hitch…

I went in weighing 128 lbs and came out weighing 138 lbs. Yep… that’s 10 lbs in merely 8 hours! I can honestly say that’s the fastest weight gain I’ve ever had! After the surgery I could not urinate, and being that the whole surgery was based around my bladder – this detail posed a problem. Therefore they tried to assist me by dumping 5 liters of fluid intravenously, while I was drinking as much as possible. 6 hours later, I was finally able to oblige the nurses and my husband took me home. Once I took one look at myself in the mirror I knew that they had over done it on the fluids. My whole face was swollen. And it wasn’t until 48 hrs after my surgery that my body started getting rid of that excess water in every way, shape, and form!!!

Here is a picture of my face 24 hours post surgery. It was still pretty swollen, especially around my eyes. As you can tell from the pic... I wasn't feelin' to hot!

Well, me being the worry-wart that I am, I have been totally freaked out about not being able to work out. As I have stated in a previous post, I have not missed more than 4 days of working out in over 17 months. So not working out for 8 weeks, is posing a problem in my everyday life! After a lot of thought and prayer here is what I’ve decided.

1. My husband took pictures of me so that I know where I’m currently at on this journey. I highly recommend doing this with any weight loss or fitness journey.
2. I took my measurements – as I have done periodically since I began losing weight.
3. I have a food journal to keep track of my calories.
4. I calculated what would be a healthy calorie intake for me with a BMI calculator. (Check it out on my sidebar if you haven’t already.)
5. After week 2 of complete rest I will begin lifting a 5 lb dumbbell doing multiple different arm exercises at very high repetitions just to maintain the muscle that I’ve built up. I can only do one arm at a time since I can’t lift over the 5 lbs.
6. Weekly weigh in’s just to keep me accountable.
7. Drink LOTS of water (which I already do).
8. NO alcohol (which I maybe have wine once a month).

This is what I have so far & I will continue to brainstorm and even tweak some things along the way. Feel free to give any advice along the way!

Below are the pictures my husband took of me:

My husband always says I'm full of "sass".

Now head on over to see what Sandy has to say about working out with small children (something I know all about), and what Debbie is saying about staying Disciplined! They are awesome ladies!

******* And if you haven't seen pics from my very first 10 K. Take a look at my previous post. It was a beautiful day to run for a good cause!


Debbie said...

Sarah, you look great. Even in the photo on your way home from the hospital, you still look cute but a little tired. I dare not take a photo of me now but maybe it would be a good reminder so I can remain disciplined! Establishing healthy habits is key as far as I'm concerned.

Love you,

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Wow, Sarah. All those months and months of training are certainly paying off. Just seeing those pictures of you inspires me to go work out. Seriously.

Ever since I went off my 40-day fast, it's like my metabolism is freaking out. Adding sugar back into my diet (and dairy and meat and grains!) totally messed me up.

I need to get very, very serious or I'll be out of my clothes soon. And I'm not kidding. It's very disheartening.

But, like I said...your pictures were enough to motivate me to go work out hard. I'm heading to do that now.

I'm so proud of you. I'm looking very forward to how you do during your maintenance mode.

I love you!!!

Sara said...

you just look amazing!!! i'm SO proud of you... and i'm praying this time will not only be a time of rest and recovery, but a time of gaining new perspective on living a healthy lifestyle... you are truly an inspiration to me! THANK YOU!!! glad everything went as needed/planned fairly quickly after the surgery... i'll be praying for your quick recovery, and for patience as you wait to get back to normal... i'm sure it won't be easy...

love you, friend! 11 days 'til we come home.... miss you!!

Dani Joy said...

Oh I am so thankful your surgery went well. Crazy fluids!

Great tips! I probably will post them on my fitness blog if you don´t mind. I will give you all the credit.

I know God is going to give you strength.

Hey I wonder if you have seen this web site. Most likely but it may help you as you track your calories more closely.
you can post your food on the daily plate. I found it really fun.

Praying for your recovery.
Dani Joy