Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Promise I Haven't Been Slacking!


Where have I been (just in case you were wondering)? Well I haven’t been slacking that’s for sure. I haven’t posted in the last 5 months, so here’s the past 5 months in fast forward…

We moved into our new house the first week in December, and I spent the first two days painting our master bedroom & our kids’ bedrooms. And then all the moving began with countless trips from storage and my in-law’s house where we were living.

Then Christmas Came…

January was a month of me starting another round of P90X and getting things put in their place around our new home. I also decided to start training for another 10 K.

Then February hit. I turned 30, and 2 separate weeks out of the month I traveled to Phoenix for a business trip. This was my first time being away from my kids for more than 24 hours, but it was nice to be able to stay with my Brother & Sister in law, along with my beautiful nieces. They did a great job of keeping my mind off things & I was more than grateful to not be ALONE in a hotel wondering what my family was doing back home! The last week in February my parents, brother & his girlfriends came into town to visit… And my little brother got engaged!

Oh, and February was also the month that I picked up my first Twilight book. I'm officially a TWI-HARD!

In March my husband joined me in the “30 Club”. Then we traveled to Oklahoma for a family wedding that my son was in. This was shortly followed up to a trip to Dallas to visit my parents, brother & his fiancé. And I was pushing my body beyond it’s breaking point with training and doing P90X.

April came and exhaustion began to set in! This is when I started to feel it mentally and physically. Ran my race on April 24th with shin splints in 58 minutes and took the next 6 days off of not doing ANYTHING physical!

May is here (and almost over) and I can’t even believe it. I have a new rejuvenated energy about me, and now I’m ready to go. I hope you all can join right back up with me!

So enough goofing around... Lets get back to business!


Debbie said...

Sarah, I'm so proud of you girl! You look fabulous. Maybe you could come back to Phoenix to be my personal coach. I've moved too but I also sold all of our exercise equipment since we have no room in this much smaller place. I've gained weight and I need to get it off. You're an inspiration to me.

Congratulations on the new home, new body, and 10 K.


韋于倫成 said...
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Dani Joy said...

Oh Sarah, thanks so much for the run down! Loved the journal! YOu look fabulous especially in the last pictures in your new clothes.

I have sooo missed you. Thought about you soo much these last two weeks. It seems that Ketty and I are encouraging ourselves to keep working out but I can´t help but think what you are doing. I am still doing about the same.. maybe not running as much, but I finally hit my record swim. I did 40 laps in an hour. thats´2k.

Would love to have you pop on over to the blog whenever you can and give some pointers. I know you are busy but we sure do miss ya. ;)

What are you working on now? I am mainly doing Jillian´s No More Trouble Zones. As it makes me feel strong. I do that like 2-3 times a week. and then lots of walking and swimming 2 times a week.

Congrats on the 10K. So glad you went through with it. I am sure you felt like you accomplished something incredible!

Your encouragement to keep our priorities straight was really a blessing. Thank you for caring so much. I pray for you.

Love ya girl!

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Wow...what a busy 5 months you've had. What a wonderful, full life. You look very happy.

I'm glad you took some time off (both from blogging and from exercise). I think you really needed it.

Your new house is SUPER CUTE!

Let me know if you'll be posting on Fridays.

I need my fitness buddy back. I've got this stubborn weight that won't come off. I need a kick in the behind to make me take it to the next level.

Thanks for all the photos. I love seeing pictures of you. You should make the one with your hair all stiking up your profile pic. :)

Love you and missed you so much.

(typing this while trying to break up a kid fight...sorry if it makes no sense or has typos.)