Thursday, June 3, 2010

Increasing VS Decreasing Calories Part 2

Well, in the past week I have found (through friends sending me articles & chatting with me on facebook) that it is simply calories in VS calories out. Which has always made been the advice when trying to lose weight… but apparently doesn’t make sense to my body.

I wear a Timex Personal Trainer watch and chest band with every activity that I do (even mowing the lawn). It tells me my heart rate, how long I’ve exercised, and calories burned. It’s programmed with my information (age, height, weight, etc). I keep track of my calorie burn on
Dailymile. It adds it up for me each week. (It does lots of other cool things as well). I have also been counting calories. I have lost 3 lbs in the last 2 weeks which is great – but according to my burn and intake I should have lost a lot more. So I’m still wondering if eating more of the right things (fruits and veggies) would help me out. I will be trying this when I get back from vacation. I do have a fear of slowing my metabolism from eating too few of calories.

However I’m still boggled that P90X recommends me eating so many calories! I kind of view it like weight watchers where you HAVE to eat all your allotted points to lose weight.

I have a fellow P90X’er at my church who recently asked me about “Zig-Zagging” my calories. I was kind of already doing this by eating my calorie allowance for 6 days a week, and one day having a free day (which I highly recommend!) But once I read more about it made perfect sense to me. I'm all about keeping the body guessing. It gets too used to what your doing to it, so it's needs to feel the "shock value" every now and again. Here is what it recommends: Just Click
HERE to read the post.

I have had a few questions of people asking me what I'm doing lately. So, next week I will post more about where I'm headed on my fitness journey!

In the meantime, click on the link below and watch my latest treadmill dance!


I received a comment the other day that a lady tried my routine in the gym... LOVE IT!

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Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

I LOVE your new design!!!!!!! Did you do it yourself?

Also, I don't think it's simple math when it comes to weight loss. Calories in vs. calories out. Our bodies are way too intricate for that. I think it's generally true, but it doesn't take into account a million other things like rest, muscle mass, nutrition, hormones...

My husband, who is training for a half iron man, is operating on a calorie deficit almost daily. Sometimes he burns 3500 calories a day training. But he hasn't lost a pound in many months and can't seem to get his body fat below 12%.

Sorry I didn't link up to you yet. I'm off to do that now!!!!

I love you, girl!

Casa Cannon said...

Sarah! It's been too long! Thank you for the really sweet comment. :) I seriously can't believe how tiny you are! I have been horrible lately! I need to get it together. hope you are doing well!

Personal Trainer Zandra's Fitness blog said...

Never trust anything that counts how many calories that you burn because even though you put in age, weight and so on, your body is unique and a watch cant tell how much of your weight is muscle mass for example. Muscle mass burn more calories, but will also make you heavier. 1 kilo of muscles, compared to the exact same volume of fat, weighs more. 1 kilo of fat, compared to the exact same weight of muscle mass, take up less volume. By replacing a pound of fat with a pound of muscle you can burn up to 50 calories more a day compared to with that pound of fat on your body. If you add 2 pounds of muscle mass on your body you can burn an extra pound of fat each month. I'd recommend measuring yourself instead of weighing yourself.

chia gerdel said...

If you are doing P90X the diet plan suggests that the lowest intake be 1800 calories/day. So if you burn on average 450 cals doing P90X you should set your intake to 1350, and eat your exercise calories to reach the 1800 as suggested in the program.

rahim said...

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